Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2013

December Storms

While a huge storm blows down Berlin, I have some time to select another list of my recent faves for December. As always, in no particular order:

CHYMERA - Under The Slip (Kompakt) 12
FANGO - Wek DESPEJADO Mix (Degu) 12
JOY BOKS - Untitled 1 (Joy Boks) 12
JIMMY EDGAR - Ultraviolet (Uktramajic) 12
SIXTH AVENUE EXPRESS - I See (House Of Disco) 12
HARRY BENNETT - Body Language (CCC) 12
ARTTU - Ufo Funkin' (Royal Oak) 12
JOE - Punters Step Out (Hemlock) 12
DOMINIK EULBERG & GABRIEL ANANDA - Dinosaurs In The Sky (Traum) 12
DUKES OF CHUTNEY - Jan's Bellski (Beats In Space) 12
RAWDIO - What Happens Underground (Housewax) 12
MARTIN BUTTRICH - Earth Of Foxes (Supplement Facts) 12
SANO - Paranoia (Comeme) LP
SHERWOOD & PINCH - Music Killer - Dubplate Pressure (On-U-Sound) 12
MOCK & TOOF - Day Ken Died SKATEBARD Edit (Tiny Sticks) 12
LOUIS GUILLAUME - Lullaby (Teng) 12
RYAN DABIS  - Ghost (Traum) 12
LUMA - John Broadwood (Optimo Trax) 12
DUNGEON ACID - I Don't Need It RIVET Rmx (Zodiac 44)
JOEY ANDERSON - Ra (Anunnaki Cartel) 12
JOHANNES VOLK - Glacier Cave (Exploration) 12
MUMDANCE & LOGOS - Proto (Tectonic) 12
EEDIO - Let's Go Boy (Panzerkreuz) 12
MUNK - Yes! Yes! (Gomma) 12
HARRY BENNETT - Pony Tail (CCC) 12
JORDAN  - Like Dis (Made Fresh Daily) 12
CRIME SCENE - Jam The Box (Crime City) 12
DAVID MEISER - Addiction To Darkness (Darkfloor Sound) 12
BAIKAL - Why Don't Ya RIPPERTON Rmx (Maeve) 12
EDDIE FLASHIN FOLWKES - War On Dance (Detroit Wax) 12
COYU - I Want Your Jack (Cocoon) 12

Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Darkness is back and so is the Bombcast series. This month slow and dirty with some EBM, Cold Wave and Dark Electro. Check it here:

Death In June - Foretold
Farah - Into Eternity
Scortilla - YHW
Azar & Crybaby J - Agent Orange
Gesaffelstein - Obsession
Max Erotic - I Only Wanna
Headman feat. Douglas McCarthy - Noise
Chromatics - Looking For Love
Rob DeLarge - Jacques NH2
Sano - I Don't
Umo Detic - Fahrenheit
8Bit Rockers - Suffering
House Of Black Lanterns - Broken (_Unsubscribe_ Rmx)
Cabaret Voltaire - Kino (Marc Pinol Rmx)
Mock + Toof - Snowball (Young Marco Rmx)
Factory Floor - How Do You Say
Chris & Cosey - Driving Blind

Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013


Here we fall into October. Few tunes from last month. In no particular order.

MGUN - Blunt Jump (Berceuse Heroique) 12
GHOST ON TAPE - No Guestlist (Icee Hot) 12
ROBERTO CALZETTA & TWIN SOUL - Harmonic Flower (Dikso)12
DANIEL AVERY - Input/Machine (Emotional Relish) 12
COMA - In Technicolor TERRANOVA Rmx (Kompakt) 12
BEATAMINES & DAVID JACH - Ghetto Fusion (Keno) 12
FASENUOVA - Cachito Turulo MARC PINOL Rmx (Hivern) 12
FUTURE FOUR - Into Orbit DARK CIRCLES Rmx (Phantasy Sound) 12
YVES DE MEY - Transfer #1 SHIFTED Rmx (Model Analysis) 12
HNNY - Mys YOUNG MARCO Rmx (Let's Play House) 12
N.O.X. - No Music, No Life (Crazyjack) 12
SIGNAL FLOW - Drug Lips (
FARAY - Anger (Voltage) 12
MARC HOULE & CLICK BOX - Razzmatazz (Items & Things) 12
BODYTALK - Met U At The Do (Freund der Familie) 12
RICARDO TOBAR - Garden (Desire) 10
KONSTANTIN SIBOLD - Dome (Caramelo) 12
CORCOS - Reliable & Immature (Bosconi Squirts) 12
ALBINOS - Beka tribe (Antinote) 12

Sonntag, 18. August 2013

The Wörld That Sümmer

Dark times require dark music. This month's Bombcast features no light discofied House Music, but some darker, edgy stuff. Get it from Soundclould here:


Danton's Voice - Easy Life
Cosmetics - Black Leather Gloves
Metrobox Is Prins Albert - Dies Is Belgien
Headman feat. Douglas McCarthy & Scott Fraser - Noise (Daniel Maloso Rmx)
Alkali Tanz - Black Hole
Vosper & Bozzwell - Music For The Lost And Dead (Matt Walsh Rmx)
Psychemagick - Bass Purr
Jared Wilson - We Who
Split Secs - Funkin Power
Brian Sanhaj - Daria
Konrad Black & Art Department - Graveyard Tan
Marc Pinol - I'm A Cliche Edit Service 21
Kölsch - Wasserschutz

Freitag, 2. August 2013

August Sunburn

A sizzling hot summer needs an equal playlist. Here's this months hotties in no particular order:

THE SUNDOWNER - To Live And Die In NJ (New Jersey) 12
FREE ASSOCIATION - Sinned (Free Association) 12
TELONIUS - Kiss Your Face (Gomma) 12
BATONGO - Aquirre RUBINI'S Amazon Mix (Degustibus) 12
SPLIT SECS - The Joint (Throne Of Blood) 12
DINKY - Blind prins thomas Diskomiks (Videonquest) 12
THOMAS BRINKMANN - On Edge (Thrid Ear) 12
LONDE - Airgrow Fires (R&S) 12
CELEBRINE - Selfdestructive Boy (Glenview) 12
JOVONN - Back To House IAN's New Dub (Underground Solution)
BEHLING & SIMPSON - Hurt Me More (Black Jukebox) 12
BACALAO & SONNE - Revelation (Kalimero) 12
TERRENCE PARKER - Finally - Late Nite Dub (D!fu) 12
STRATUS - Fireflies (Aficionado) 12
BASTI GRUB - beach Walk (Kittball) 12
FOOTPRINTZ - Fear Of Numbers (Visionquest) 12

Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

Bomb Boutique melts Sisyphos Berlin, 20th July.

It's sizzeling hot in Berlin these days. Luckily some floors at my local neighbourhood spot Sisyphos are shady outdoor areas. This Saturday I will play a selection of bouncy summer grooves to keep you cool, starting 16 cest (4pm) in the afternoon at the "Wintergarten". Find all details HERE. Come around!

Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

Synth Sunday

Exhausted from clubbing weekend? I give you an extra. In the mood for some kinky Synth tunes, I put some old and new vinyls together for this mix. A bit shaky as some tunes we're hand played and not beatboxed. Dig in here:

16 Bit - Where Are You
Roni Griffith - Desire
Aldo Bergmachine - Melody For Robot
Daroc - Homeless Boy
Cerrone - Supernature
The Immortals - Ultimate Warlord
The Flirts - Passion 
Drop Out Orchestra - Get Up!
Alejandro Paz - Duro
Miss Kittin - Where Is Kittin? (Dubfire Remix)
Mari Blu & Marco Moschino - Amore Selvaggio
Nemesi - Cosmica
Juliane Werding - Großstadtlichter (Kinky Lovers Edit)
Dust - Past Future

Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

Seven Thirteen Twelves

Vinyl only this month. The July playlist is as lush as summer. Lot's of smoother House stuff but with some edge. In no particular order:

DÜRERSTUBEN - Freiherr In Der Wall (Pampa) 12
SNEAKER - White Glow (Uncanny Valley) 12
KÖLSCH - Eiswinter (Kompakt) 12
TONE OF ARC - Love Kissed - LUCA C & BRIGANTE Rmx (No. 19 Music) 12
DEBUKAS - Reach Out Feel (2020 Vision) 12
BATONGO - Anour - ZUMBIDO VERSION (Degustibus) 12
TORNADO WALLACE - Thinking Allowed - PHAROAHS Rmx (ESP Institute) 12
SOLOMUN - Yesnomaybe (Diynamic)12
JIMMY EDGAR - Strike (Ultramajic) 12
DETROIT SWINDLE - The Break Up (Heist) 12
BOTTIN pres. CRISTALLI LIQUIDI - Canzone Registrata (Artifact) 12
ANDY BLAKE - Haunted Mechanism (World Unknown) 12

Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

Summertime Sadness

This months bombcast spins in the memory of Romanthony who recently passed away. Although I used just one of his works, it goes way deeper than usually, digging some Deep House, Gospel and other spirits. The full version is available on Mixcloud, the downloadable version on Soundcloud was a bit edited:


Staple Singers - Uncloudy Day
Apostle 1 - Testify
Kölsch - Goldfisch
YouAND:TheMachines - Domain Specific
Denis Yashin - If You Lose It
Raudive - Visitor
Detroit Swindle - The Break Up
Phuture Scope - What Is House Muzik?
Super Flu - Va Ga Va Ga (Feat. Hjilmar)
Music To Makes Babies To - Haze Machine (Feat. Knixx)
Strip Steve - One Thing (Feat. Robert Owens)
Man Hooker - Club Anonymous
Terrence Parker - The Emancipation Of My Soul

Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

The Bass That Ate My Playlist

Yes, there was no playlist in May. I was simply too busy. But anyway, this months's list features a few tunes from last month. So June is all big about vinyl. Here's my faves, in no particualr order.

Lay-Far - Re-Mystery (Terrence Parker Rmx) (JD Records) 12
Guynamukat - Riviera Jam (Tropical Storm Steel Panapella Mix) (Mukatsuku) 12
Varen - Touch Me (Taste Of Honey) 12
Raudive - Ruins (Macro) 12
Ricardo Baez - The Meesage (Toy Tonics) 12
D'Marc Cantu - Voyager (Forbidden Planet) 12
Die & Addison Groove - Keyhole (Gutterfunk) 12
Fusty Delights - We Hold It (MB Disco) 12
Matthew Larkin Cassell - Heaven (Bosq & Kon Rmx) (Soul Clap) 12
Name In Lights - Naughty (Cameo Culture Rmx) (Free Association) 12
Man Tear - Outside Amore (DFA) 12
Fred Everything - Mercyless (Atjazz Unrel. Astro Rmx) (Lazy Days) 12
Reblok - 2AM (Joyce Muniz Rmx) (Beef) 12
Midland - Trace (Aus Music) 12
DJ HMC - Hallelujah Vers. 2 (Juice) LP
Marc Houle & Miss Kittin - Where s Kittin) (John Foxx & The Maths Rmx (Items / Things) 12
Midnight Juggernauts - Memorium (Record Makers) 12
Denis Yashin - If You Lose It (Thank You Jack) 12
Disclosure - White Noise (Hudson Mohawke Rmx) (PMR) 12
Headless Horsemen - Graveyard (Perc Remix) (Headless Horsemen) 12
Hot Coins - New Beat (Sonar Kollektiv) 12
Dez Williams - Underground Persistant (Earwiggle) 12

Montag, 20. Mai 2013

The Wanderer is Gone

Very sad news came in yesterday. According to a Facebook post from his sister Mellony Moore, Anthony Moore aka Romanthony has passed away. He was one of my all-time House heroes and underrated musical genius. Best known for his appearance in Daft Punk's "One More Time", Romanthony released funky, fantastic songs, often compared to Prince and a tight, deep production. He was the first one to remember who recorded highly compressed tracks. Romanthony is surely a big loss. Here's my all time fave from him, remixed by the Murk boys.

Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013


Coincidence, the day I started recording the new Bombcast, Jeff Hanneman's death was ticking through all news channels. And I suddenly felt more like putting a mix of my favorite Hanneman compositions together. Maybe another gime, because there was a bunch of new vinyls on the floor waiting to be played. So, here's the May Bombcast. The downloadable Soundcloud version had to be edited a bit in the beginning, the full version is available on Mixcloud.


Laurent Garnier - Jacques In The Box
Classixx - Holding On
Rampue - mama Was A Prog Rocker
The Black Madonna - Say My Name
The Parking Attendant - I've Heard It All Before (JTC Remix)
Vosper & Bozzwell - Music For The Lost & Dead (Eskimo Twins Rmx)
Chymera - Isa
DJ Koze - Ich schreib dir ein Buch
Bohemina Groove - High Jinx (Photonz Remix)
Psychemagik - Where Are We?
Change - The End (Alkalino Edit)
Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Muslim Disco Club - Dance Infidel Dance (Name In Lights Remix)
Baio - Sunburn Modern (Session Victim Remix)
Royal House - Dirty Beats

Dienstag, 9. April 2013


A quite housey April is here, and I cannot resist. Here's this months faves in no particular order:

Vosper & Bozzwell - Music For The Lost & Dead (Throne Of Blood) 12
Deadboy - Geek'd Up (Numbers) 12
L-Vis 1990 - Signals (Night Slugs) DGTL
Baio - Sunburn (Greco Roman) 12
Classixxx - Holding On (Interactive Leasure) 12
Hound Scales - Case (Nabis) (Fifth Wall) 12
Calarian - Through Your Mind Feat. Spaceman (Visionquest) 12
The Juan Maclean - You Are My Destiny - Nic Fanciulli Rmx (DFA) 12
Boys Noize  - XTC - Justice Rmx (Boys Noize) 12
Man Tear - Outside Amore (DFA) 12
TBoy - People Love You (Outcross) 12
Douglas Greed - 5000 Ansi Lumen (Freude Am Tanzen) 12
Blood Eagle - Transvestite Fistfight - aUtOdiDakT Rmx (Mähtrasher) DGTL
Black Madonna - We Still Believe - The Revenge Mix (HTIKM) 12

Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

March Violets

March is almost done an I forgot to blog the March Bombcast. However, here it is in it's bittersweet entireness, ready to stream or download: Tracklist: Slow Hands & Tanner Ross - All The Same (Jah Bless Reggae Mix) Woolfy vs. Projections - Set Me Lose (Lexx Remix) Bell Towers - Tonight I'M In Love Tropics - Ophelia Moomin - A Day And A Night Isoleé - Allowance Matthew Dear - Fighting Is Futile (Benoit & Sergio Remix) John Talabot - When The Past Was Present (Pachanga Boys Purple Mix) Jack Beuys - Dampfer Lindstrøm - Faar-I-Kaal (Todd Terje Ediz) Woodkid - I Love You (Booka Shade Remix) Borrowed Identity - Faith Barnt - Geffen Goldffinch - Funky Steppa (Trusta Remix) Benoit & Sergio - Bridge So Far Rayko - In The Cave (Ohm Fat's Transcendant Remix) Depeche Mode - Little 15 (Fashion Dispatch Rmx) Legowelt - Visions In My Mind Dust - Past Future

Freitag, 1. März 2013

March Marauder

I'm fed up with winter. Full fire this March with these bangers:

Moomin - A Day And A Night (Closer) 12
Isoleé - Allowance (Pampa) 12
L-Vis 1990 - That Thunder Track (Clone) 12
Slow Hands & Tanner Ross - All The Same (Wolf + Lamb) 12
Dust - Dark Pleasures (Low Life Inc.) 12
Sophie - Eeeh (Huntleys & Palmers) 12
Dapayk Solo - Be Ready (Snork Enterprises) 12
Legowelt - Wayfearing Stranger (Unknown To The Unknown) 12
Jesse Rose - Love The Feeling High feat. Ed Feathers (Play It Down) 12
Lindstrom - Faar-I-Kaal - Todd Terje Edit (Smalltown Supersound) 12
Frederico Locchi & Frankie Watch - Floor Up (Moan) 12
Golden Teacher - Dante & Pligrim (OM) 12
Falty DL - She Sleeps - Martyn Rmx (Ninja Tune) 12
Tropics - Invitation (Svetlana Industries) 12
Delaze - Bloody Samba (Sino) 12
Nacho Patrol - Falcon Cruise (New Jersey) 12
Gauthier DM - Higher (House Republic) 12
Artifact - We Trapped (Somethinksounds) 12
Santos Resiak feat. Dilo - A Better Light (One Records) 12
Dannie Scrilla - Magellanic Clouds (Civil) 12
Donnie feat. Kai Alce - Olmec Save Us (NDATL Muzik) 12
Goldfinch - A Funky Steppa - Trusta Rmx (Saigon) 12

Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Bass On A True Story

February Playlist Frenzy!

WOOFLY VS. PROJECTIONS - Set Me Loose THE DRIFTER Rmx (Permanent Vacation) 12
JEROME SYDENHAM & KATSUYA SANO - Encore feat. Argy (Ibadan) 12
BOHEMIAN GROOVE - High Jinks (Throne Of Blood) 12
SAUCE81 - Sign Of Secret Love (Wonderful Noise) 12
FACTORY FLOOR - Fall Back (DFA) 12
BENOIT & SERGIO - Bridge So Far (Hot Creations) 12
ALI NASSER - The Night (Pleasure Zone) 12
JACQUES RENAULT - Back To You PARADIS Remix (Let's Play House) 12
SECRET CIRCUIT - Afterlife (Beats In Space) 12
RAYKO - In The Cave OHM FAT Transcent Rmx (Nang)
ROTZE - Schnaps (Mähtrasher) DGTL

Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Disco Sucks

2013 started mellow. I went to Eurosonics in Groningen to see al the hot shit coming up to play this year, bought some crazy records and made this mellow mix. Dig in and don't take it too serious.


Urulu & Steve Huerta - Possessions
Shur-I-Can - In Love
Bonobo - Cirrus
Borrowed Identity - Stimulation
Bot'Ox - Basement Love (Pachanga Boys Remix)
Crazy P - Heartbreaker
The XX - Fiction (Synapson Rmx)
Rampue - Sonne Park Und Sterni
Moullinex - Deja Vu
Emilie Nana - The Stuff (Liviu Groza Rmx)
SSK - Vers
Soiree - You Keep Me Hangin On
Glenn Undergound - For The Love Of Money
Mombasa - Anson Edit

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Lucky 13

Burn one up in 2013. Here's the January essentials:

JAMES PRIESTLEY & MARCO ANTONIO - Speed (Secretsundance) 12
aUtOdiDakT - Boredom (Traktor) DGTL
ASHLEY BEEDLE - You Acid Life (Girls Music) 12
PITTO - Richklap VIOLA Rmx (Wolfskull) 12
CRAZY P - Heartbreaker (2020 Vision) 12
AIDAN LAVELLE - Get Yourself (Rebellion) 12
SSK - Ssk 1 (SSK) 12
PADDED CELL - Guardians Of The Night (Different) 12
BLACK VAN - Inside (Excellent Music) 12
BODDIKA - Soul What MICKEY PEARCE Rmx (Swamp 81) 12
DILLON - Thirteen Thirtyfive LEE FOSS & MK Rmx (BPitch) 12
FAKE BLOOD - Wait A Minute (Different) DGTL

Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

Get Your Freak On

A crazy 2013 from me to you nasties! A total crazed kick off this Saturday at Hotel Shanghai in Essen. I will play some kinky Disco/NuDisco/Cosmic shit along with Honey Dijon, Dominik and Eric D. Clark. Frau Pepper from da Peaches crew will dance her frickin pants off and you better come around to see this!!!

12.1. Hotel Shanghai * Steeler Str. 33 * Essen City * 23cet