Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2016


New year, same shit. I have the feeling this world is going more insane every day. According to this, I still refuse to post any uplifting music until things change at least a bit. The first Bombcast of 2016 is as grim and dark as the previous ones. Listen and download it here:


Lokatt - March
Jonra & Emachinery - Mr Ivar
Hoshina Anniversary - Motion Emotion D.I.C.E.
Uchuu Saru - Nobody
Tiga - Don't Break My Heart (Dub)
Edgework - Ravine Pt. 1
Drumcomplex - Junglism
Nauruan Stranger - Underborn
Orfeo - Prismatic
Yuuki Sakai - Ran Tan (A. Mochi Remix)
Johannes Heil - Scene Three
Frankyeffe - Crazy Man
Mauro Picotto - Time to Wake Up (Mauro Vox)
Martyn Hare - When the Fun Runs Out