Sonntag, 30. September 2018

News from the Front

Been a while since I added some news in here. Not much to tell, but here's a compilation I recently digged. If you've ever been able to visit Hamburgs notorious (gay) club Front, you should spend some €€€ here. Amazingly compiled Mix CD (seperate tracks on two vinyl editions) by Klaus Stockhausen and Boris Dlugosch. I haven't bought a Club CD for a while since I own or know most of the tracks. But here's some real gems from a bunch of artists I haven't heard of yet or almost forgot about, reminding me of the Horse Meat Disco series, but more housey. Some pure Disco/House pleasure reminding me of times, when people just danced crazy and not hopping from one foot to another, facing the DJ for a whole night. Plus touching liner notes and really intimate photo coverage. My legacy compilation of the year.