Freitag, 20. Dezember 2019

This Is The End

2019 is coming to an end, the decade is coming to an end and an era as well. People phantasize the 2020's will become the next 1920s. But the future is in fact dystopian. Hate, anger, oppressionare on the rise and my personal view is not very positive. Here's the final mix, looking back and into a dark future. Grim, gritty, bouncing. Recorded without solid monitoring, so please excuse some glitches.

Mittwoch, 20. November 2019

How Bizarre, How Bizarre!

I finally maganed to upload the live mix from my Cabaret Bizarre Set in spring 2019. Some Electro/EBM goodness. Go get it while it's live. Tracklist:

DAF - Liebe auf den ersten Blick (Görl & Hell Remix)
Machinegewehr - Kurayami
The Hacker - Body Diktator
Celldöd - Flodvag
The Hacker - A Thousand Times
Thomas P Heckmann - Leichentanz
Black Merlin - Control
Alessandro Adriani - The Man with the Deadly Dreams
Rob de Large - CrW
Boy Harsher - Come Closer
Seen Links, Schlösser Rechts - Room 506 - Die Nacht
Truss - Beacon
Djedjotronic - Randjo
Vittorio Di Mango - Epilessia
Pilo & Green Denier - Axiom 13
Millimetric - Y175 Y176
Hoshina Anniversary - XXX Rhythm Section
Perc - Look What Y0
JK Flesh - Circus of Illusion
Jensen Interceptor - That Acid Track
Roter Mund - Mit Dir Allein (Kapote Rework)
Of Norway - A Forest

Donnerstag, 14. März 2019

It's a Cabaret Bizarre

Cabaret Bizarre has been a long standing vaudeville show in Swintzerland, fueled with amazing artists from all over the world and some edgy music, far away from roaring 1920s clichés.

This April, 5th and 6th you have the rare chance to catch the Cabaret Bizarre in 21st century "Babylon" Berlin at the amazing, classic Ballhaus Berlin. An on the 6th, are rare DJ set from me, spinning some nasty Electro.

Enjoy amazing artists such as:

JOE BLACK (London)
Exquisitely grotesque and melodically demonic; a dark star shining on a perverted planet !

Insanely entertaining and endearingly insane; your world will never be the same once you’ve entered his.

‣ DIVINE PUTAIN (Strasbourg)
Fearless, careless but never knowingly painless; art meets madness on the road to oblivion.

A downward spiral of reckless pleasures, your darkest subconscious thoughts could have never imagined…materializes!

Beware this feisty temptress; although bathed in celestial glory, her bark is as fierce as her bite.

‣ REVERSO (Berlin)
The creation myth of a megalomaniac marred on its own venom: a fetishist cannibal-of-self bound in love, loss, seduction, salvation, madness, prophecy and pain.

‣ PRINZ BASIL (Zurich)
A graceful feline creature, escapes the confines of time and space with spectral aesthetics of the old cinema.

Operative diva, arcane priestess and cabaret matriarch…Let your longing eye wonder into the hidden desires of the soul.

Check out the details and ticket options on their Facebook event page. See you there!