Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

Bomb Boutique melts Sisyphos Berlin, 20th July.

It's sizzeling hot in Berlin these days. Luckily some floors at my local neighbourhood spot Sisyphos are shady outdoor areas. This Saturday I will play a selection of bouncy summer grooves to keep you cool, starting 16 cest (4pm) in the afternoon at the "Wintergarten". Find all details HERE. Come around!

Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

Synth Sunday

Exhausted from clubbing weekend? I give you an extra. In the mood for some kinky Synth tunes, I put some old and new vinyls together for this mix. A bit shaky as some tunes we're hand played and not beatboxed. Dig in here:

16 Bit - Where Are You
Roni Griffith - Desire
Aldo Bergmachine - Melody For Robot
Daroc - Homeless Boy
Cerrone - Supernature
The Immortals - Ultimate Warlord
The Flirts - Passion 
Drop Out Orchestra - Get Up!
Alejandro Paz - Duro
Miss Kittin - Where Is Kittin? (Dubfire Remix)
Mari Blu & Marco Moschino - Amore Selvaggio
Nemesi - Cosmica
Juliane Werding - Großstadtlichter (Kinky Lovers Edit)
Dust - Past Future

Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

Seven Thirteen Twelves

Vinyl only this month. The July playlist is as lush as summer. Lot's of smoother House stuff but with some edge. In no particular order:

DÜRERSTUBEN - Freiherr In Der Wall (Pampa) 12
SNEAKER - White Glow (Uncanny Valley) 12
KÖLSCH - Eiswinter (Kompakt) 12
TONE OF ARC - Love Kissed - LUCA C & BRIGANTE Rmx (No. 19 Music) 12
DEBUKAS - Reach Out Feel (2020 Vision) 12
BATONGO - Anour - ZUMBIDO VERSION (Degustibus) 12
TORNADO WALLACE - Thinking Allowed - PHAROAHS Rmx (ESP Institute) 12
SOLOMUN - Yesnomaybe (Diynamic)12
JIMMY EDGAR - Strike (Ultramajic) 12
DETROIT SWINDLE - The Break Up (Heist) 12
BOTTIN pres. CRISTALLI LIQUIDI - Canzone Registrata (Artifact) 12
ANDY BLAKE - Haunted Mechanism (World Unknown) 12