Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Twenty Twentyfourteen

End of a great album year again and a quite interesting one. Hip Hop wise, only Run The Jewels made it into my album list. Track wise, Hip Hop was more interesting in 2014, same with Electronic Music. If you weren't tricked by Aphex Twin, you might have bought albums from Perc, Kiasmos or Soft Pink Truth, who did me a great Black Metal enthusiast a favor and re-programmed a bunch of Black Metal classics. In Alternative Pop, 2014 bored with countless young men wining over a minimal, melancholic Neo R&B Beat. Disgusting. Apart from Douglas Dare who also marked a great year for Erased Tapes. I preferred many women fronted Neo Blues Rock/Occult Hard Rock fronted bands like Goat, The Oath or Black Metal Goth infused Myrkur. And there was plenty of great Metal releases this year. However, this is only 20 vinyls I picked representing all the great shit I bought. There surely was more. 

PERC - The Power And The Glory
MANTAR - Mantar
RUN THE JEWELS - Run The Jewels II
THE SOFT PINK TRUTH - Why Do The Heathen Rage
THE OATH - The Oath
TEMPLES - Sun Structures
SCOTT WALKER & SUNN 0))) - Soused
TRYPTICON - Melana Chasmata
NIKKI LANE - All Or Nothin'
CARIBOU - Our Love
VESSEL - Punish, Honey
SBTRKT - Wonder Where We Land
GOAT - Commune
MYRKUR - Myrkur
KIASMOS - Kiasmos
LUST FOR YOUTH - International

Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2014

Winter Vinyl Funk

Winterchillers in December:

VOIGT & VOIGT - Superpitch (Kompakt) 12
MOSCOMAN - Rerotica (I'm A Cliche) 12
MIA DORA - Un.Sub (Optimo Trax) 12
TAKUYA MATSUMOTO - Satellite Orbit Funk (Royal Oak) 12
TONE OF ARC - Retox (Touch Of Class) 12
ANA HELDER - Cabond (Commeme) 12
DON RIMINI - Dance to Chicago (Booty Call) 12
INVISIBLE MENDERS - To Be Continued (Porn Wax) 10
TIGA - Bugatti - REBOLLEDO Blue Eb110 Rmx (Turbo) 12
JACQUES RENAULT - Make Up (Let's Play House) 12
TEERSOM - Water Breath (Basement Grey) 12
ATOM ™ - Ground Loop 2 (The Bunker NY) 12
MACHINEGEWEHR - Carradine (Bordello A Parigi) 12