Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010


Trailer Squat from Pottporus on Vimeo.

Howdy peeps - just a quick one for my friends in West-Germany. Bomb Boutique's evil twin, CARBONID SOLO (aka Volker Wurth) performs tonite at JAHRHUNDERTHALLE Bochum in the dance performance SQUAT, that he also co-directed. Have a look here and make sure you'll be there. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

SQUAT at Jahrhunderthalle, Bochum, premiere 31.10.2010

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

Music That Makes Life Worth Leaving

Muahahahahaa..... it's time for the annual BOMB BOUTIQUE Halloween Mix and once again I have selected a bunch of eerie Electro choppers with spooky sounds, haunted basslines, monsters, ghosts, madmen, spies, jungle priests, voodoo rhythms. Dig in and blast you Halloween party!

The bloodshed contains:

Mr. Skeleton -Talking That Shit
Noize Generation - Get The Fuck Up
Richard Vission & Trash Yourself - Get Down (Lucky Date Rmx)
Matthew Garton - Soul For Rent
The Subs - Vomit In Style (Don Rimini Rmx)
Baskerville - One Dollar Dave (Boemklatsch Remix)
aUtOdiDakT & Electroferris - Chainsaw
Haezer - James Bond
Tom EQ - The Good Old Days (Hijack Remix)
Sound Of Stereo - Helium (Paul Chambers Remix)
Yolanda Be Cool - Afro Nuts (Douster Remix)
Herve - Zombies (Franzy Scanner Graveyard Remix)
Don Diablo & Sidney Samson - Monster
Deathface - The Horror

Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

Another Savage Night

Fellas, my favorite Fetish store in Berlin, Savage Wear, is celebrating it's annual anniversary with a secret basement party and I will spin some sleazy Electro for all you nasties. The party starts early at 8pm and will end approx. 2am. Make sure you don't come too late, as you can easy head off to the next party after.
Make your entrance through the store and follow the instructions to the basement club, or better buy some shiny Latex stuff on your way (no dresscode, no worries).
I'll see you there, 23.10. Grünberger Str. 16, Berlin Friedrichshain!

Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010

Sometimes you'll find me in the kitchen at parties

Old pal Jona Lewie re-appeared in a Ikea video with the good looking lads Man Like Me for a Kitchen At Parties remake. Well done! Now pass me some cole slaw!

Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2010

Disco H2O

Incredible! I just returned from the US and find uncounted amazing new vinyl releases. Time to kill my Visa Card limit! Here's what's on the Bomb Boutique decks this month and it's shitload of new stuff!!!!

OCTOBER 2010 in no particular order:

KINGDOM - That Mystic (Night Slugs) 12
aUtOdiDakT - Nitro (Traktor) 12
BOY 8-BIT - Restricted 18 (This Is Music) 12
AEROPLANE - Superstar THE KRAYS Rmx (Eskimo) 12
BOTOX - Blue Steel STILL GOING Rmx (I'm A Cliche) 12
NOAIPRE - Pretty Psycho (Arkestra Discos) 10
SURKIN - Easy Action (Institubes) 12
SHIT ROBOT - Tuff Enuff? (DFA) 12
PETER HORREVORTS - Bloody Hands (Gem) 12
CASSIUS - Les Enfants (Ed banger) 12
JAMES CURD - Got To Have (Greenkeepers) 12
BROKEN NOTE vs. MACHINE CODE - Knuckle Dust (Substrakt) 12
HIGHBLOO - Fakirology WILL BAILEY Rmx (Lectroluv) 12
BASTEROID - Thicket (Areal) 12
SOUNDS OF STEREO - Helium (Lectroluv) 12
HOW TO DRESS WELL - Ecstasy With Jojo (Transparent) 7
ANORAAK - Try Me (Naive) 10
MARC HOULE - Inside (Minus) LP
BLACKISBEAUTIFUL - Pergamon (200) 12
HECTOR Double Standard (Tsuba) 12
IDIOT GEE - All Packed Up (Moshi Moshi) 12
PEDDERS - Akula (Gamm) 12
AZARI & ILL - Reckless With Your MANUEL TUR Rmx (Permanent Vacation) 12
BOTTIN - Discocrazy (Eskimo) 12
DJ ABSURD - Crazy Wasteman (Kiosk) 12
CHEVEAU - Like Dear In The Headlights (Born Bad) 7
MUNK - El Capitano (Gomma) 12