Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

Felt Like Heaven In 2011

Final post, final mix, lets fart this 2011 off with some heavy beats and bass!
Some kind of everything cool from 2011 in this mix, House, Electro, Moombahton, Bass, Dubstep - all the stuff that made me moving. Listen or download here and have a great 2012:


Austra - Beat And The Bang
Marcello Giordani - Modus
Jiikoo - Viva La Mont
Rick James - Marie Jane (Jonny Chino Moombahton Rmx)
The Heavy - How You Like Me Now (Wick-It Moombahton Mix)
N.E.R.D Ft. Nelly Furtado - Hot N Fun (Neci Stranac Moombahton Edit)
Midnight Magic - Drop Me A Line
Columbus - Schwarzes Gold (Sacco Vanzetti Remix)
Tiago - Peanuts Not Working (I Am The Automan Version)
Joe And Will Ask - Frappatuno
The Subs - Decontrol (Blackstrobe Remix)
Rotze - Alarm
Afrojack - Show Me Your Tage
Noize Generation - Ghetto Rave
Steve Aoki - The Kids Will Have Their Say
Andy's Ill - Lifetime
In Flames - Where The Dead Ships Dwell (The Qemists Rmx)
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (Gemini Remix)
Coldplay - Paradise (Glebstar Remix)

Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011

It's A Christmas Disaster!

Bomb Boutique teams up with Trickski this Christmas and returns to Hotel Shanghai in Essen for a night of lunatic Nu Disco stomp.
Join us for this madness, December 23rd, Hotel Shanghai, Steeler Str. 33, Essen City, 23cet!

Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

December Dozer

I will play a dirty Nu Disco set on December 23rd with Trickski at Hotel Shanghai in Essen.
The December Bombcast gives you an impression what to expect:


Anosphere - Epsilon Hunter Pt. 2 Remix
Salon De L' Herbe - Learning To Dub
Voices Of Black - Modify Love
Pink Stallone - Help Yourself
Marvin Gaye - You Can Leave, But It's Gonna cost You
Death On The Balcony - What Is Love
Max Essa - Caress
Name In Lights - Ur Oskund Native Underground
Todd Terje - Bonysh
Rebolledo - Steady Gear Rebo Machine
Adonis - No Way Back (Greg Wilson Re-Edit)
Camboche - Hypnoquest
Tyson - After You're Gone (The Magician Remix)
Alien Alien - Sambaca
Knightlife - Serves You Right (Emperor Machine Mix)
Populette - Hello Darkness
Midnight Magic - Drop Me A Line (Mano Le Tough Mix)
Aérea Negrot - Todeloo

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011

Snowflakes & Cupcakes

Final Playlist for this year, not sure if I'll do a best of kinda thing. Let's see.
As always, lots of cool new stuff in no particular order:


CHLOÉ - Watch Out (BPitch Control) 12
POPULETTE - Lasers Are Forever (Throne Of Blood) 12
COLUMBUS - Schwarzes Gold (Mayolove Music) 12
CONGOROCK - Ivory (Ultra) DGTL
K.I.A.M. - Funky 4 (Fools Gold) 12
RIVA STARR & FATBOY SLIM - Get Naked (Snatch! Records) DGTL
PUBLICIST - Hard Work WALKER & ROYCE Rmx (Dither Down) 12
GERD - Palm Leaves MR FINGERS Rmx (Clone Royal Oak) 12
MIRROR PEOPLE ft. ROWETTA - Feel The Need SEVERINO Rmx (Disco Texas) 12
ROCKET NUMBER NINE - Steel Drummer (Soul Jazz) 12
GOLDFFINCH - Burned Bit (Airflex Labs) 12
VOLCAZOID - Korrovin (Mähtrasher) DGTL
JOASH - Bleed SPORTLOTO SOVIET Rmx (Compost Disco) 12
K. THEORY - I Feel You MUFFLER Rmx (Bass=Win) DGTL
DONOVANS - Rise & Fall (Turbo) 12
STORM GUEEN - It Goes On MORGAN GEIST Rmx (Environ) 12
BIOME - Propaganda (Osiris) 12
TREASURE FINGERS - Keep Up KENNY DOPE Rowdy Mix (Fools Gold) 12

Freitag, 4. November 2011

Dance Like It Is Ok

Finally, all the Halloween madness is over. Thanx to all the hard partying folks who made the Neon Raiders Halloween Spookshow such a big event and success. Also thanx for all the warm words for my Halloween themed DJ-Set.
Anyway, lot's of cool new stuff is coming out these days and you will hear a lot from the November list in one of the next Bombcasts. Here's what on the Bomb Boutique turntables this month, as always, in no particular order:

REBOLLEDO - Steady Gear Rebo Machine (Cómeme) LP
MARTYN - Viper (Brainfeeder) LP
FRANCISCO - Disco Wizzard (Slow Motion) 12
JUVENILES - We Are Young YAN WAGNER Rmx (Kitsuné) 12
PUBLICIST - Soft Crush PUBLICIST Rmx (Voltaire) 12
ROBAG WRUHME - Donnerkuppel (Kompakt) 12
RONNY & RENZO Heartbreak Theme C2Cinermx (Rekids) 12
ZZT - Party Over Los Angeles DUKE DUMONT Rmx (Turbo) 12
RUBINI - Gin Sonic (Degustibus) 12
SARE HAVLICEK - Vibe On You SARE's 115 BPM Dub (Nang) 12
aUtOdiDakT & John Disco - Bully In The House NOIZE GEN RMX (Mähtrasher) DGTL
MACHINES DON'T CARE - Warlord (Cheap Thrills) DGTL
MUSTANG - Shooting Love (Different) 12
GOOSEFLESH - Misfits (Freakz Me Out) DGTL
FABLE - Blak (Loft Party) 12
AC SLATER - Big Brooklyn Bass (T&B) DGTL
ZIMMER - Cruisin' (Discotexas) DGTL
THE SNEEKERS - Evolution ZERO CASH Rmx (Straight Up!) DGTL
ULYSSES - Snails DAVID CARRETTA Rmx (Absolut Freak) 12
BRIOSKI - Radioactivity (Nang) 12
EVIL K'NELL - Get A Little (Rack And Ruin) 12

Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

This is Halloween, this is Halloween......

This Saturday, I will play a special Halloween set at Neon Raiders Halloween Spookshow. I hope to see as many costumed people as possible, dancing their gorey asses off!
Also check the recent Halloween Bombcast here:


ZZT - Vulkan Alarm!
Noize Generation - Monster (Audionite Remix)
Attack 1985 & Nightbreaker - Hornet
Fake Blood - Voices
Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine - Bodywork
Jan Driver - Raveyard
Baskerville - Devil's Town (Bart B More Stuiter Remix)
Mightyfools - Drop The Beast
Beens & Dachstuhl - Fogger (Nom De Strip Remix)
Modeselektor - Evil Twin
Blatta & Inesha - Senegal
The Rox - Kisel
Deftones - You've Seen The Butcher (Mustard Pimp Remix)
The S - The Crusher
Dimitri Vega - Stomp
The Oddword - Ouch
Tony Trash - Blair Bitch Project
X-Ettl - Sintetic (The Oddword Remix)
Figure - The Werewolf (The Killabits Remix)

Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

Halloween Goodies

Fellas, I created a second Soundcloud account to upload some of the Halloween Mixes from the previous years. As it is a free account, it's limited to 2hrs playtime. So I can only upload them for a few days and then change. Dig in regular, all mixes are downloadable:

Halloween Bombcasts by Bombboutiqueseasonal

Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

My Electronic Body Youth

Back to the scene of crime. I grew up in Dortmund, an industrial city in West Germany. And next to many other Electronic Music, EBM was one of my big faves in that time. Here's a mix with some favorite tracks from back in the days of the late 80s and very early 90s.

A Split-Second - Flesh
Clock DVA - Hacked
Signal Aout 42 - Submarine Dance
Ministry - We Believe
Skinny Puppy - Testure
Bigod 20 - The Big Sleep
Borghesia - N Upanja, Ni Strahu
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Do You Fear For Your Child?
Hula - Cut Me Up
Laibach - Dekret (Decree)
Finitribe - Animal Farm
Leæther Strip - G.A.W.M.
á;GRUMH! - Puratos
Pankow - Sickness Takin' Over (Joseph Watts Remix)
In The Nursery - Workcorps

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011


Fellas, if you thought Zola Jesus ist just another Siouxsie soundalike, her new single "Vessel" might prove you wrong. Have a listen and look at the sparkling new video:

Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

The KKK Took My Playlist Away

Well, September was quite empty as I simply was on vacation. Right in time for autumn, here's the new October list with what's on the Bomb Boutique devices, including some heavy bangers from past month. As always, in no particular order:

October 2011

MPESE MPESE BAND - Mpese Theme DRUMTALK Rmx (Sofrito)
SPIKE - Magic Table (Golf Channel) 12
THE ODDWORD - Ouch (Mähtrasher) DGTL
THE SWISS - Double Or Nothing LOUIS LA ROCHE Rmx (Modular) 12
ATTACK 1985 & NIGHTBREAKER - Hornet BUSTER Rmx (Mähtrasher) DGTL
FAKE BLOOD - Voces (Cheap Thrills) 12
DUB & RUN - d.a.n.c.e.d. (Dub & Run) 12
TOMMY TRASH - Blair Bitch Project (DIM MAK) DGTL
KLIC - Forwards GREYMATTER JACK Is Back Rmx (Hit And Hope) 12
COM TRUISE - Fairlight (Ghostly) 12
BLAWAN - What You Do With What You Have (R&S) 12
ZZT - Vulkan Alarm! /Turbo) 12
VNNR - What? MODEK Rmx (Lectroluv)
THE FIELD - Is This Power (Kompakt) LP
MANO LE TOUGH - Dropping Bombs (Internasjonal) 12
SAM PAGANINI - Last Call (Plus 8) 12

Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Thou Shalt Boogie Forever

A bit late this month, but I was on vacation for a while. Here's the summer closing Bombcast, containing some tricky to mix Disco vinyls plus some new stuff. And yes, Satan is in there again as well.


SINS OF SATAN - We Are The Sins Of Satan
THELMA HOUSTON - If You Feel It (Rayko Re-Edit)
THE FEATHERED EDGE - I'm Only Slightly Drunk
BEATFANATIC - Boogie Up Yours
CARTE BLANCHE - Do You Like It Like That?
GAZ NEVADA - I.C. Love Affair (Murk Edit)
MOON JOCKS - Prog Rocks (Todd Terje's Dub)
THE IMMORTALS - The Ultimate Warlord
METHUSALEM - Ooh Dracula
CHARLIE - Spacer Woman
I.M.S. - Run Away
LEFTSIDE WOBBLE - Grapevine Boogie
COLUMBUS - Wobble (Club Edit)
BEATFANATIC - Disco Lucifer
CARRARA - Disco King
GUSTAPH - Same Thing (King DJ Palace Dub)
SPACE - Carry On, Turn Me On (Bottin Remix)

Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Folsom Prison Blues

Just a quick one. Sunday September 11th I'll deejay along with Dickey Doo for the Folsom Weekend T-Dance once again at Alex Hotel & Garden, Berlin, Schöneberg, Lietzenburger Str. 13/15. As it's gonna be a hot day all way, the garden will be open with BBQ etc. Come along from 16cet til 22cet!!!!

Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

Champagne, Champagne And The Golden Rain

Bit late this month but I'll be off for some days, so there' no September list. The Bomb Boutique plays this month:

August/September 2011

40 THIEVES - Crystal Mountain Thunder (Leng) 10
BIBIO - Take Off Your Shirt (Warp) 12
MACHINEDRUM - Loveking (Lucky Me) 12
SPANK ROCK - Energy THE GLIMMERS Rmx (Boys Noize) 12
OUT OF CITY - Slaves (Galactica) LP
WASHED OUT - Eyes To Be Closed LOVELOCK Remix (Domino) 12
ALEX GOPHER - Ivasion MUMBAI SCIENCE Rmx (Go 4 Music) 12
BREAKBOT - Fantasy (Because) 12
MUNCHI - Pero Que Lo Que Mujer (Mad Decent) DGTL
GAVIN RUSSOM - Night Sky (DFA) 12
TAI - Big Bass Drum ETIENNE DE CRECY Rmx (Exolon) DGTL
JAN DRIVER - Dozer (Boys Noize) DGTL
AZARI & III - Manic THE FINGER PRINCE Static Situation Mix (Major) 12
LARS MOSTON - The Oohs (No Brainer) DGTL

Dienstag, 9. August 2011

Riot in the streets of London....

Probably a bigger twitter buzz than the financial market's struggle today.

Here's a list of all affected labels - you better go and buy or download a record today and help!

2020 Vision
Ad Altiora
Adventures Close to home
All City
Alt Delete
Ambush Reality
Atlantic Jaxx
B Unique
Bad Sneakers
Big Chill
Big Dada
Big Life / Nul / Sindy Stroker
Border Community
Buzzin Fly
Can You Feel It
Chemikal Underground
City Rockers
D Cypher
Dance To The Radio
Def Jux
Dirtee Stank
Divine Comedy
Drag City
Drive Thru
Drowned in Sound
Eat Sleep / Sorepoint
Electric Toaster
F. Comm
Faith And Hope
Fantastic Plastic
Finders Keepers / Twisted Nerve
Free Range
From The Basement
Full Time Hobby
Groove Attack
Info UK
Join Us
Laughing Stock
Lo Max
Love Box
Lucky Number
Marquis Cha Cha
Memphis Industry
New World
Ninja Tune
Nuclear Blast
One Little Indian
Output / People in the Sky / Process
Pale Blue
PIAS Recordings
PIP 555 Productions
Play To Work
Powerhouse (T2)
Propaganda / Ho Hum
Raw Canvas
Red Grape
Red Telephone Box
Respect Productions (PES digital)
Reveal Records
Rock Action
Rough Trade
Rough Trade Comps
Ruffa Lane
Search And Destroy
Secret Sundaze
Secretly Canadian / Jagjaguwar / Dead Oceans
Sell Yourself
Sideone Dummy
Slam Dunk
Something In Construction
Sonar Kollectiv
Soul Jazz
Southern Fried
Stranded Soldier
Sunday Best
Ten Worlds
Thrill Jockey
Total Fitness
Touch And Go
Track And Field
Try Harder
Twenty 20
Union Square
Urban Torque
Wall Of Sound
Wonky Atlas
Word And Sound
Xtra Mile
You Are Here

Sonntag, 7. August 2011

Moombahton Moon

I am really surprised, that Moombahton hasn't become the sound of the summer 2011. It's cool, paced and hell funky. However, let's see how it goes. I have smashed together some Moobahton tracks in this summer mix:


Belle Epoque vs. Munchi - Miss Broadway
La Muerta - Martes De Carneval
J Trick - Def Jam (Hostage Moombahcore Remix)
Sabo - Bounce Moombahton
Diplo & Dillon Francis - Que Que (Alvaro Rmx)
Nadastrom vs. Heartbreak - Church
Sabo - Spock's Deelite
Hostage - Straight Raw
Des vs. La Muerta - That' Right (La muerta Remix
Munchi - Pun Ain't Dead
Aylen - The Rapture
Corey Gunz - 6 Foot 7 Foot (J-Trick Moombahton Edit)
Munchi - Metele Bellaco
Diplo & Skrillex - Amplifire (Kristiän Edit)
Pickster - Put Down De Gun
Schlachthofbronx - Backup Run
Jon Kwest - Run Di Track
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Chong X Remix)
Jordan & Santero - Electric Church
Sazon Booya - Mis Armas
De Shuurman - Nu Ga Je Danse (La Muerta Remix)
A-Skillz - Happiness (Chong X Remix)

Montag, 1. August 2011

The Crow

Strange things are goin on in your local park. I totally like what Ninian Doff did here with the Fulton Lights. Mutations! "Staring Out The Window" looks in some way scary and funny. My video of the month. Birdyfication!

"Staring Out The Window" - Fulton Lights from Ninian Doff on Vimeo.

Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

Haunted Summer

Rain, rain, rain... That's July in Berlin 2011. But a good chance to put a new dark and experimental music Bombcast together. An hour of darkness:


Zomby - Haunted Bascquiat
Mushy - Faded Heart
Interpol - Try It On (Salem Remix)
∆AIMON - A Screw (Holy Money)
EMA - Soul On Fire
Cindytalk - Memories Of Skin And Snow
Skitliv - A Slow Pain Coming (Cold Spring Mix)
Non - Cruenta Voluptas
Church Of Synth - Weiße Rosen
Mondkopf - Libera Me (Beach Ecstasy Mix By Detect)
Negativland - Christianity Is Stupid
Super Reverb - It's Always True From Someone Else's Point Of View
Rational Youth - Le Meilleur Des Mondes

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

Everything Starts With A T!

That's right fellas. This Sunday I will spin some Satanic Disco at the Sunday T-Dance at Alex Hotel & Garden in Berlin Schöneberg, along with Dickey Doo. Come around, dress kinky, have some cake and praise evil with some nasty Nu Disco and other spirits.

Here's how sounds like:

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Tour De Skulls

Gesaffelstein sounds a bit weird for German ears, but trust me, Bomb Boutique followed him from the beginning of the Post Apocalypse Disco era of the Noughties. Gesaffelstein starts were The Hacker ended. Dark, eerie and more edgy with less 80s EBM quotes, although his sound is pitch dark. This fits perfect into the Neo Goth and even Okkvlt or Witch House movement.
In the video "Ghostriders II", the passion of two Parisian fixie nerds and the dark sound of Gaseaffelstein build a perfect black and white symbiosis you can hardly take your eyes away from.

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Spread E-E-Eagle!

Holy shit, Death Grips is possibly the best Hip Hop artist I've heard for ages. Or is it Hip Hop? Urban, What the fuck ever. It's raw, cutting edge, fresh and bloody cool. In some points, it reminds me a bit of Silver Bullet or MC 900Ft Jesus - just the 2011 way. Check the video:

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

Breeze Til The Morning Comes

Here's a little mix I've recorded live this summer. Vinyl mix without monitoring, so it appears a bit whacky in some places. Nevertheless, a bunch of classics and new stuff as well.

Barclay James Harvest (Mustang Re-Edit)
Claudja Barry - When Life Is Just A Game (The Horses Re-Edit)
Tamikrest - Aratan N Tinariwen (MTMBT Rmx)
Autodeep & Romorri - Make You Mine
Jackson Jones - I Feel Good (Pilooski Edit)
Lola - Wax The Van (Jon's Dub)
Bottin - Theme From St. Mark 30124
Kenlou - What A Sensation
Hercules & Love Affair - Painted Eyes (Moonlight Matter Remix)
Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk
Den Haan - Heist
Holy Ghost! - Static On The Wire
Moon Jocks - Prog Rocks (Montezuma's Revenge Version)
Black Van -Moments Of Excellence (Holy Ghost! Version)
Luminodisco - Qusto Amore Splendido (Space Ranger Remix)
Midnight Magic - Beam Me Up
Northend - Happy Days (Aquarius Rmx)

Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

This Heat Is Technotronic!

Summer makes me lazy.... This month's playlist might appear shorter but as banging as ever. Fresh new stuff on the Bomb Boutique turntables!

July 2011:

SOUND OF STEREO - Diamnond (Lectroluv) 12
ONUR ENGIN - One (Disco Deviance) 12
PLUMP DJ'S - Hump Rock (Grand Hotel) 12
SOFRITO - Money Make Man Mad SOFRITO Disco Dub (Sofrito) 12
GUE - Tirudel Zenebe (Terp) 12
OWINI SIGOMA BAND - Wires THEO PARRISH Rmx (Brownswood) 12
CROOKERS PRES. DR. GONZO - Dr. Gonzo's Anthem (Souther Fried) 12
AC SLATER - Full Power (Trouble & Bass) DGTL
CLAP RULES - Fantasmi (Bearfunk) LP
DESTO - Makowrap (Rhwina) 12
AQUASKY - Feel The Sound JAY ROBINSON Rmx (Passenger) 12
AMON TOBIN - Surge 16BIT Remix (Ninja Tune) 12
ROLAND M. DILL - The Evil (Trapez) 12
MILTON BRADLEY - Escaped From The Dark (Zooloft) 12
WAT - Kill Kill COSTELLO Rmx (Boxon) 12

Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Dia De Los Surferos

This is great! There's a lot of bands out these days, carrying the name "Panda" in it, but Panda Bear have been one of my faves. Here's their amazing video "Surfer's Hymn", tributing surfers taken by the sea. A great mixture of surf video and Dia De Los Muertos aesthetics.

PANDA BEAR "Surfer's Hymn" from m ss ng p eces on Vimeo.

Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

Fragile Tension

Once again, another amazing video that popped in this week, directed by Eric Epstein. For sure one of the best I've seen the past days and Memory Tapes are simply great!

Memory Tapes "Yes I Know" from Najork on Vimeo.

Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

B-B-B-Bass Down Low

Boomin' into summer with some new and older Bass Demons. Just a quick mix. Somebody call security!!!

Run DMT - Hold Up
Rick Ross - Blowin Money Fast (Caligula Rmx)
Skrillex - Ruffneck (Full Flex)
Flux Pavillon - Bass Cannon
DJ Teenage - Cuerno De Sonido (Udachi Rmx)
Drapez - Don't Wanna Go There (Enigma Dub)
Raffertie - Wobble Horror
FS - Yup
Hate Mosh - Game Over
Cookie Monsta - Mosh It
Lucky Date & Midnight Conspiracy - Veyron (Night Version)
Point-Blank - Brutal (Brainpain Rmx)
Ultrablack - The Pain
Doctor P - Watch Out
Foreign Beggars - Bank Job
Dev Feat The Catarcs - Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Rmx)
Freakhouze - Get Up (Calvertron Rmx)
Naughty - Pussy Trak (DJ Hype Rmx)
Alanis Morrisette - Ironic (Phatcat Rmx)

Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

Lady GaGa's Cloakroom

Ready for June? I am! Not much Moombahton but BASS heavy playlist this month. As always, in no particular order:

CHOCOLATE PENTHOUSE - Whitney Houston's Bathroom (Aniligital Music) 12
CARTE BLANCHE - Jack On The Moon (Ed Banger) 12
NO LOGO - Party Animal SIOUX CITY BOYS Club Rmx (Nang) 12
INCARNATIUONS - Meet Me At Midnight RAYKO Rmx (Lovemonk) 12
AEROPLANE - My Enemy GREEN VELVET Rmx (Eskimo) 12
RICO TUBBS - What You Know About Bass (Bass=Win) DGTL
TAMIKREST - Aratan N Tinariwen MTMBT Re-Edit (Glitterhouse) DGTL
DANIEL HAAKSMAN - Bomba feat. ROXXY BIONE (Man Recordings) LP
BEEF THEATRE - Optimus Prime (Mähtrasher) DGTL
TYLER, THE CREATOR - Yonkers LIL SILVA Rmx (White) 12
DEM SLACKERS - Swagger (Bmkltsch Records) DGTL
WHITENOIZE - The Underground TJR Rmx (Neptuun City) DGTL
BOTTIN & RODION - Shooting Star Dub (Nang) 12
GESLOTEN CIRKEL - Swedish Woman (Murder Capital) 12

Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

Jess Franco in the Witch House

My video of the week. "She Killed In Ecstasy" cut to bloody pieces and glued with a thick Witch House soundtrack by Sun Glitters. That's how I like my summer!

Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Touaregs In Space

I don't know if you listen to a lot of African Desert Rock music. I sometimes do and Tamikrest were last year's big surprise on the newcomer scene. A bunch of young folks straight from the Mali desert that play a hypnotic grooving style that sounds quite unique to me. The more surprising to find a Cosmic Disco Boogie Stomp Re-Edit of their recent single "Aratan N Tinariwen" from their new album "Toumastin". Responsible for this paced stomper are Music To Make Babies To, the Nu Disco sidespin from aUtOdiDakT & Super Super. Quite cool edit and I can't wait to play it!

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

Let's Get Primitive!

Fellas, if you're in Berlin, come around this Friday at Brunnenstr. 70 in Mitte for the ROYAL WEDDING II party. I will not deejay the Electro floor, but the Rock'n Roll basement with an exclusive 7" only Primitive Rock'n Roll DJ Set. No idea what I'm talking about? Check THIS post and download the mix. Come early from 22.30 as I am starting right from the beginning!

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

Tropical Thunder

Yes, I'm late. But here it comes, the May shits on the Bomb Boutique table. As always, in no particular order:

PAUL PARRA - Dance Of The Vampire RUBEN MONTESCO Rmx (Black Leather) DGTL
CIO D'OR - Organza SAMULI KEMPPI Rmx (Prologue) 12
ARNAUD REBOTINI - All You Need Is Techno (Blackstrobe) 12
SEXUAL HARRASSMENT - You Are My Sexual Connection DAM-FUNK Rmx (Citinite) 12
NOISIA - Gutterpump MATTA Rmx (Under 5's) 12
AUTODIDAKT - Fake Fred Perry feat. SPOEK MATHAMBO - MUNCHI Rmx (Traktor) DGTL
EGYPTRIXX - Bible Eyes (Night Slugs) LP
black van - Moments Of Excellence feat. HOLY GHOST (Permanent Vacation) 12
MIKKEL METAL - Extract Again (Jatoa Unit) 12
MIXHELL - Antigalactic JOKERS OF THE SCENE RMX (Boys Noize) 12
SAVAGE SKULLS & CROOKERS - Bust 'Em Up (Southern Fried) DGTL
MIKIX THE CAT - Rock Da House (Feiyr) DGTL
funtcase - 50 Calibre (Circus) 12
BENNY RODRIGUES - Dimitri russ gabriel Rmx (Dig Deeper) 12
CLARK - Baskerville Grinch (Warp) 12
MUNGOLIAN JET SET - Moon Jocks And Prog Rocks TODD TERJE Mix (Smalltown Supersound) 12

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Fetish * Fetish * Fetish

Oh boy, I don't know if you have seen the new Battles video yet, but this is the hottest piece of music video I've seen in my entire life. Not kiddin'! Check this out:

BATTLES - Ice Cream from CANADA on Vimeo.

Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2011

Shabba Dabba Da Camp!

Oh boy, this Friday they do it again... Berlin's most outrageous event "Camp!" opens the circus gates again and turns Festsaal Kreuzberg into a ring of fire you have to jump through. London's Shabba Dabba Da Crew is here to turn lose with Buster Bennett, Larry Tee and Daniel Lismore.
Clea Cutthroat will drown you in blood, Fake Rolex and Bomb Boutique kill you on the dancefloor.
The night will be opened by Dompteur Bonaparte, who gives his DJ debut.
So come and freak out with us!

6.5. Festsaal Kreuzberg, Skalitzer Str. 130, Berlin, U1/8 Kottbusser Tor

Running Order:
23:59 Monsieur Bonaparte DJ-Set
01:00 Buster Bennett
02:00 Clea Cutthroat
02:10 Fake Rolex
02:40 Bomb Boutique
03:40 Larry Tee
05:40 [shabba dabba da crew]

Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

It's A Traktor Disaster!

Yes peeps, as most of you know, we are hosting a single BOTOX DISASTER event this year at our old, favorite cesspool HOTEL SHANGHAI in Essen. Along with us, there's aUtOdiDakT hammering beats, not only from his outstanding Traktor and Mähtrasher labels of course. This promises to be a rocking, raving Electro night. Join us on Easter Sunday, 24.4., if you are in the area.

Resident Advisor Link
Facebook Link

As I am deejaying late, I'll give you an idea of what is coming up with a special BOTOX DISASTER 4AM Mix:


Sovnger - Ultimatum
Arnaud Rebotini - All You Need Is Techno (Gesaffelstein Rmx)
Crookers & Savage Skulls - Get The Fuck Out
Egyptrixx - Bible Eyes
John Dahlbäck - Back To The Dancefloor (Halbro Rmx)
Suxx - Polarity (Polymath Rmx)
Mom & Dad - Judas (Dem Slackers Rmx)
Zombie Nation - Relax
Mightyfools - World Tour
The Subs -Face Of The Planet (Style Of The Eye Rmx)
Mixhell - Antigalactic (Jokers Of The Scene Rmx)
Distrakt - Fuck You (The Oddword Remix)
Slap In The Bass - Egypt (Hostage Rmx)
Discodeine - Grace
Jay 5ive 'n Kromestar - Bass 96

Freitag, 15. April 2011

Darkness For The Weekend

I've posted this mix a while ago on my Mixcloud account but now made it available via Soundcloud too, as there's much better soundquality. Another Okkvlt excursion from now to then and back again:


Shackleton - Deadman (King Midas Sound Death Dub Remix)
Grinderman - Palaces Of Montezuma (Cat's Eyes with Luke Tristram Rmx)
Psychic TV - Pirates
oOoOO - Sedsumting
La Vampires & Zola Jesus - Searching
Nurse With Wound - The Bottom Feeder
Son Lux - Stand
DJ Elmoe - Yo Shit Fucked Up
Robot Koch - Threats
Aborym - Psychogrotesque IX
The Soft Moon - Bones
Idiot Glee - All Packed Up

Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

Did I Say Rotze?

Ha, this name is probably one of the nastiest, if you understand German. However, Rotze's Fuck It EP (release 18th April) on Mähtrasher is one outstanding, greasy booger, that got stuck in my CDJ and refuses to leave. Great mixes from MMMatthias, UDEK (aka EDU K), aUtOdiDakT etc. And guess what? If you here this, you don't wonder Rotze is playing in the amazing Screamo outfit An Early Cascade. Grind!

Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Kaputtraven 9th April

BOMB BOUTIQUE will travel to Germany's Rave capital Stuttgart this Saturday for the notoriuos "Kaputtraven" nighter at Rocker 33 Club. Along with me, there will be aUtOdiDakt, Rotze, Congorock, VNNR and Zero Cash. This will be a banging spring party. If you're in the area, drop in!

Montag, 4. April 2011

60 Minutes Of Nausea

Enough darkness so far? Bomb Boutique is back on the bouncing Electro vibe this month.
Here we go with a quick new mix, rolling into spring with some new and older Electro Bass Bangers. Get it from Soundcloud:

The Limousines - Internet Killed The Video Star (Kids At The Bar Remix)
Marco Bailey - Bom Bang! (Hantise Rmx)
Bobmo - Control
PeaceTreaty - Change (Dem Slackers Remix)
The Subs - Face Of The Planet (GTronic Rmx)
Ado - Plugged
Chromeo - Hot Mess (Djedjotronic Mix)
Supabeatz - Pancho
Zombie Nation - Relax
Cassius - Les Enfants (Gesaffelstein Rmx)
Tony Senghore & Brodinski -Anagogue
Joakim & Krikor - Azid
The S - Resurgere
The Toxic Avenger - Angst:One
Rotze - Fuck It (X-Ettl Rmx)
Rrritalin - Bad Man
Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Canblaster Rmx)

Freitag, 1. April 2011

Beats On Ritalin

Let's kick this spring with a fresh playlist. There's a bunch of Bomb Boutique DJ gigs coming up the next months an this is on my tables in April:

RRRITALIN - Bad Man (Coin Operated) 12
DROP THE LIME - Hot As Hell (Trouble & Bass) DGTL
MARCO BAILEY - Purple Haze (MB Electronics) DGTL
CATWALK - One By Works (Captured Tracks) 7
CONNAN MOCKASIN - Forever Dolphin Love EROL ALKAN Mix (Because) 12
HIGHBLOO - Time To Change Pt. 2 MIKIX THE CAT Rmx (Lectroluv) DGTL
ROTZE - Fuck It! (Mähtrasher) DGTL
BRIOSK - Show Biz RIO LOBOTOMY Mix (Codek) 12
NIGHT JEWEL - It Goes Through Your Head DAM FUNK DUB (Mexican Summer) 12
BONAPARTE - Rave Rave Rave HOUSEMEISTER Rmx (Staatsakt) 12
LUMINODISCO - Questo Amore Splendido (Danny Was A Drag King) 12
ORLANDO VOORN - Unpredictable Love ANALOG ROLAND ORCHESTRA Rmx (Polymorph) 12
PROMMER & BARCK - The Brking Grizzle (Gigolo) 12
THE HACKER - Space Travel (Notorious Electro) DGTL
GRINDERMAN - Palaces Of Montezuma CAT'S EYES Rmx (Mute) 12

Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

Worshipping Satan Through Disco

Strange headline? Nah, you peeps know me. I was inspired by a party we're planning against the Pope's visit in Berlin late September. And as music like Disco carries a hedonistic message, it must be the devil's work, if I take those Christians serious. Anyway, I wanted to record a bangin' Electro Bombcast as there are a bunch of DJ Gigs comin' up, where I'll play some heavy Rave shit. But I was in the mood for Disco and goin' through some old and new releases.... well ... and I pushed the record button. Enjoy!

Klick the Soundcloud Link to listen or download:

Emilia - Satan In Love
Aeroplane - We Can Fly
Eli's Second Coming - The Love Chant (JSki Extended)
Escort - Cocaine Blues
Homework - Lenny
Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around (Deep & Disco Version)
Breakbot - Shades Of Black
Avicii - Sweet Dreams (Avicii Sweeter Dreams Rmx)
Solila - Till Te Light Comes
Beatfanatic - Wintertide (Rave Charles & Funky Junkie Rmx)
Rubix - Tobacco Man
Colin Hart - Motion Potion
The Knocks - Dancing With The DJ
Disco Elements - Give It To Me
D.I.M. & Tai - Glass
Tame Impala - Why Won't Wake Up Your mind (Erol Alkan Rework)

Dienstag, 22. März 2011

Crying In The Discotheque

Just a few days after Kurt "Supermax" Hauenstein left the earthly dancefloor, Loleatta Holloway, the voice of all House and Disco Diva voices sadly passed away 21st March 2011.
Here she is in one of my all time favorite songs, her own way:

Samstag, 12. März 2011

Open Up And Say Ah!

Distorted basslines, pounding drums, drones and vocals from a parallel universe. Colourmusic's "Tog" video is the one the hit me this month. A great song and video. I love how the pictures build from a frozen to disgusted crowd that turns to frenzy during the clip. Big up for those who like the "Splosh" magazine. Great! If you like Panda Bear or Yeasayer, you're right here:

Colourmusic - Tog from Delo Creative on Vimeo.

Sonntag, 6. März 2011

I See Dead People

I was diggin' through my 7" crates these days to put some raw Rockabilly, Trash and Garage stuff together that you usually don't hear on Neo-Greaser Parties, as their DJs and most party people suck for lame hits. Well, not the usual kind of Bombcast but hell, it's raw shit!

Download it from Soundcloud:

The Cramps - Big Black Witch Craft Rock
'68 Comeback - I Want My Mule Back
Gino Washington & The Atlantics - Heartburn
Lightning Beat-Man - Tonight
Eddie Angel's Dinosaurs - Jurassic Beat
The Neanderthals - Twinkle Toes
Mad 3 - Devil Men
Lord High Fixers - Mystery Train
Shoo Chan Brothers - Bloody Jungle
The Necessary Evils - Buzzsaw
King Krusher & The Turkeynecks - The Krusher
The Demonics - Hot Rod
Demented Are Go! - Hotrod Vampires
The Trashwomen - Dragula
Ralph Nielson & The Chancelors - Scream!
The Neanderthals - 2000 Lb. Werewolf
Hot Rod Moses - Firefly Twist
Brainwashers - Dripper
Vampyre State Building - Charlton Heston's Last Ride
Man Or Astro-Man? - Maximum Radiation Level
Gene Crazed & His Rockabilly Bastards - Graveyard Rock
John Schooley - Drive You Faster
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - Backdoor Dan
Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers - I'm Gonna Give You Everything
Tyrone Schmiedling - Baby Don't
The Secret Sisters - Wabash Cannonball
The Never Heard Of Ems - Wrestling Rock 'n Roll

Samstag, 5. März 2011

The Bass That Ate My Granny

I was tempted to do a whole Dubstep Playlist this month, as the majority of releases comes with a phat bass. However, there's much more and of course, I'd never spin a simple Dub Step set. Here's what's on the Bomb Boutique tables in March:

CREEP - Days AZARI & ILL Rmx (Young Turks) 12
SUPABEATZ - Pancho (Southern Fried) DGTL
SHACKLETON - Deadman (Jonest Johns) 12
TWIST IT - Funky Monkey - CAMEL Rmx (No Brainer) DGTL
JAMES CURD - Open Your Mind (Permanent Vacation) 12
MUNK - Rue De Rome (Gomma) LP
MARCO BAILEY - Bom Bang! HANTISE Rmx (Bedrock Records) DGTL
THE RAVEONETTES - Forget That You're Young (Vice) DGTL
CASSIUS - Les Enfants GESAFFELSTEIN Rmx (Because) 12
RIVA STARR - Jack My Bell (Southern Fried) DGTL
AUTODIDAKT feat. SPOEK MATHAMBO - Fake Fred Perry (Traktor) 12

Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

He's Lost Control Again

Spoek Mathambo has been my favorite Urban act the past months. Next to cool singles like Mshini Wam, he appeared in countless great productions, such as aUtOdiDakT's "Fake Fred Perry".
His new video and single are killing it. Probably the best cover version of Joy Division's control and an amazing video. Have a look here:

Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Made In 50 Minutes

A quick mix in between, just to compile some stuff to take to the club. Uptempo!!!

Cabaret Voltaire - Bader Meinhoff
Doctor P - Big Boss
Deep Blue - Helicopter Tune (Rob Playford & Rennie Pilgrem Mix)
DJ Gero - Back To Love
Afrojack - Funk With Me
Don Rimini - Whatever
Twist It - Funky Monkey (Wolfie Mix)
Carte Blanche - Gare Du Nord (Green Velvet Mix)
Tai - Paradise Poltergeist
Shadow Dancer - Silver
Will Bailey - Warhead
Distrakt -Fuck You
The Otter - Drop Dead
Nero - Me And You
Amon Amarth - Pursuit Of Vikings (La Musique D' Ordinatuer Mix)

Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

Walking On Thin Ice

This is it. This month, a majority of new releases I'm playing are released digital only. For me it's a major change, as I still prefer the dynamics of a proper produced vinyl release. But this is how it's gonna be. Sad, but nevertheless, all tracks in this month's rotation are killers!

February 2011

SWICK - Jogalani (No Brainer) DGTL
TALEN feat. LADY SAW - Batgirl KALBATA Rmx (Mouthwatering) 12
JAY5 & KROMESTAR - Bass 96 (Bass'n Love) 12
MUNK - Keep My Secret RORY PHILLIPS Club Mix (Gomma) 12
SHADOW DANCER - Catmoves DEADSTOCK 33's Rmx (Boys Noize) 12
NEW IVORY - A Knight With His Own Sword... MODEK Rmx (White) DGTL
BAD AUTOPSY - Gin Mixer SCRATCHA DVA Mix (Ramp) 12
TJR & DJ GANT-MAN - Juke It (Potty Mouth) DGTL
YOU KILLING ME - Heroes (White) DGTL
SBSTRKT - Look At Stars (Young Turks) 12
THE CATARCS feat. DEV - Bass Down Low (White) DGTL
HARVARD BASS - Pruno (Teenage Riot) DGTL
FREELAND - Morning Sun PRINS THOMAS DISKOMIKS (Marine Parade) 12
aUtOdiDakT & ELECTRO FERRIS - Chainsaw DRIVEPILOT Remix (Traktor) DGTL
DMX KREW - The Game (Permanent Vacation) 12
NERO - Welcome Reality (MTA) 12
THE S - Crusher KONOVALOV Rmx (Mähtrasher) DGTL
CHROMEO - Hot Mess DUCKSAUCE Rmx (Backyard) 12
ILYA SANTANA - Transborder (Eskimo) 12

Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

Teenage Angst

Toxic is back with some Angst! Well, Angst One is the hard hitting new single and video from the Avenger and it's no fun to watch, unless you're into some gore. I quite like it and it's definetly my video of the month:

The Toxic Avenger "ANGST one" from The Toxic Avenger on Vimeo.

Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

I'd Like To Go Back To The Classics

The past weeks I've been copying old Mixes from Tape or Mini Disc to my harddrive. Lot's of fun stuff and many re-discoverings of cool tracks from the vaults of my record collection.
I will post some of the best or most interesting mixes on my Soundcloud profile during this year, starting with a eclectic mix from 2003, the typical sound we used to play at our "Neue Mitte" parties in Cologne back in those days. Dig in:


Lemon D - Generation X
Electronicat - Gitarkatze
Missy Elliot vs. The Who - Anal Spankers #1
G.D. Luxxe - Values
Dave Clarke - What Was Her Name (feat. Chicks On Speed)
Magas - This Is How We Do It
Blow Up - On The Prowl
The Twin - Sanitized
Hell - Keep On Waiting
Die Zwei - Randezvous Auf Straßenschienen
Parallax Corporation - Crocodiles In The Sky
Casco - Cybernetic Love
Si Begg - Noodles 5
Gema 4
Electric Kennedys - Gay Bar
Fat Truckers - Fix It
The Rocks - Everybody In The Place
Mediengruppe Telekommander - Telekommander
Whitey - The Awful Truth
Peaches - The Inch
Gater - Boobie Bounce
Fannypack - Camel Toe
JJ Fad - Supersonic
Nu Wave Hookers - Rock To The Beat

Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Even the Facepainted have bedtimes

NEPHICIDE by JOGGER from Matthew Robinson on Vimeo.

La Musique D' Hazadeur

I've been following Valencia's La Musique D'Ordinateur for a while on Soundcloud and their bouncy, noisy tracks have always been an excitement in between many dull Electro banger tracks. What I really like is their open minded interest in kick ass music from any angle. During the past they have posted a bunch of remixes from cool Metal tracks that now have been compiled in one inofficial release. Their Headband EP is ready to download for possibly a limited time. Have a listen and follow the links:

Also, their banging Hoover EP is goin to be released on Hamburg's Kiez Beats label this week. I highly recommend the remixes by Ikki, Designer Drugs, Congorock etc.. Dig in here:

Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

In Dali's Car.....

I'm really sorry to hear the my all time favorite styler bassist Mick Karn passed away January 4th 11 in London. Here's him in peaceful union with David Sylvian for Gentlemen Take Polaroids.

Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

The Bowl Of 11

Let's kick it off. 2011 just started and holds plenty of cool tracks to play. Here's what's on the Bomb Boutique decks this month:

FERNANDO - Endless Disco (Redux) 12
STUFFA - Proof (Trunkfunk) 12
M.I.A. - It Takes A Muscle PEARSON SOUND Refix (XL) 12"
PUBLICIST - Miscalculation (Voltaire) 12
DOCTOR P. - Big Boss (Circles) 12
HUMAN LIFE - Whereever We Are GRUM Dub (Onelove) DGTL
KRYSTAL KLEAR - Tried For Your Love (All City Dublin) 12
TRAP AVOID - Elevator (Dithertown) 12
PARA ONE - Nervosis (BNT Trax) DGTL
SOFT METAL - Love Or Music (Captured Tracks) 12
THROTTLER - Accelerator (Throttler) 12
WOOLFY - Looking Glass (DFA) 12

Sonntag, 2. Januar 2011

Why TwentyTen was an album year

Happy new one, fellas. I have waited til the freezing end before listing. To me, 2010 was an album year. There was plenty of really cool single releases but I bought and listened to more longplayers. Here's my favorites in no particular order:

Shining - Blackjazz
Violens - Amoral
O. Children - O. Children
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today
Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
Das Racist - Sit Down Man
oOoOO - oOoOO EP
Zola Jesus - Stridulum EP
Twin Shadow - Forget
Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of ADZ
Black Breath - Heavy Breathing
Sleigh Bells - Treats
John Legend & The Roots - Wake Up
No Age - Anything In Between
Ihsahn - After
Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal
Antony & The Johnsons - Swanlights
Darkstar - North
Ratatat - Let Your Bird Eat It's Beak
Watain - Lawless Darkness
Girl Talk - All Day
Emeralds - Does It Look I'm Here?