Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Axing May With Vinyl

Been quite a while since I posted my monthly faves. But things change in May. So does this blog. The brand new vinyl shits this month that scream for a new Bombcast episode. To follow soon! Here we go again, in no particular order:

JAVI REDONDO - Lectures To Young Men (Meant) 12 DAMH - Black Night (Kompakt) 12 CHRIS MOSS ACID - Slam Da Bos (Mathematics) 12 CARISMA - Dragones (Comeme) 12 HOT NATURED - Benediction NIC FANCIULLI RMX (HIT CREATIONS) 12 SHADOW MOVEMENT - I.D. (D.O.C.) 12 IDA ENGBERG - Devil Dance ADAM BEYER RMX (Crosstown Rebels) 12 PRINCIPLES OF GEOMETRY - Streamsters L-VIS 1990 Rmx (Tigersushi) 12 ADANA TWINS - Drive feat. KHAN (Exploited) 12 JACKIN GEORGE - Tonight - Chicago Tribute (Jackin) 12 REYJAVIK606 - She Walked With Me HOUND Rmx (Sofa Tunes) 12