Sonntag, 16. Juli 2017

Alle Gegen Alle

I wasn't much inspired the past motnhs posting new mixes. During this time I had the feeling both, the real world and the safe harbour - the club world were going crazy. Things changed drastically in so many ways and it is not over. At least I found my peace with club life. Luckily I live in Berlin and it is indeed still a safe harbour. Hoping it will stay like this, I was going through a bunch of older and new vinyls and hit the record button through this bumpy session. Enjoy:
Downloadable version on Soundcloud is HERE.

DAF - Sato Sato (Westbam Remix)
Gesaffelstein - Viol (Brodinski Remix)
Djedjotronic - Randjo
DJ Hell - I Want You (The Hacker Remix)
Kroyclub & Headturama - Bad Party (Static Starlight Remix)
Kirlian Kamera - News (Room 506 Remix)
Rude 66 - Paranoia
David Caretta - Dance Machine (Alexander Robotnik Remix)
Pilo & Dean - Axiom 13
Black Merlin - Control
Zen-Kei - The Punisher
Thomas P. Heckmann - Eisen im Feuer
Knarz - Kind der Nacht