Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Let's dance the Crocodile in Paris

This Saturday, 29th May I will hit Paris to play the amazing Crocodile party at Club La Java. I hope to see all my Parisianos around and join for some dirty Disco, sleazy Electro and other odd shit. Stage time is 1.30 - 3.00 cest. Don't miss the great Crocodile DJs around Dag Rox before and the classic Tronik Youth right after me. It's gonna be a splendid night!

Here's a new Mirror Mirror Mix for you, mellow but kicking with some new and old shits. Includes:

Boney M - Nightflight To Venus
The Erotic Drum Band - The Erotic Booty Spank
The Emperor Machine - What You Want
Siskid - Gun Stubbs (Version 2)
Daroc - Homeless Boy
Human Life - In It Together (Polygon Palace remix)
Le Le - Disco Monster
Sweet Sweet Lies - The Day I Changed (Mighty Mouse Instrumental)
Jackpot - Night Flight
Pete Herbert - Red Room
Mike Dunn pres. The Disco Kiddz - The Real Disco
Joris Voorn - We're All Clean
Dolby Anol - Cancer Linda

Mirror Mirror Bombcast May 2010 by bombboutique

Freitag, 7. Mai 2010

I Like My Grindcore Grindcore

Mayday! Since we all survived the Berlin Riots from 1st of May (that German media hasty declared as war before it took place), it's time to get back to party business. This month sees a massive output of great vinyls. Here's what's on my May decks, in no particular order:

HUNGRY GHOST - Illuminations (International Feel) 12
GRACE JONES - Love You To Life DIGITAL MYSTIKZ Rmx (Wall Of Sound) 12
MARC DU MOSH - Cold Sweat (Cyber Dance) 12
SINDEN & SBSTRKT - Midnight Marauder (Grizzly) 12
HERVÉ - Zombies (Cheap Thrills) 12
AMPERSAND - The Ruckus (Lectroluv) 12
BROWNOUT - Slinky TAL M KLEIN Rmx (Aniligital Music) 12
PLAY PAUL - Trumpets Of Lust (Kitsuné) 12
ARK - House Of The Dead (Perlon) LP
LE LE - Captive De Ton Chiffre (Gomma) 12
MALENTE & DEX - Habibi SHIR KHAN Rmx (Exploited) 12
CLP - Lando Kal - KITES feat. SPOEK Rmx (Sugarcane) 12
JOKER - Tron (Kapsize) 12
GENTLEMEN DRIVERS - Perpetual (Because) 12
JESSE ROSE (Where Were You) Last Night (Made To Play) 12
THE PARTY HARDERS vs. THE SUBS - The Pope Of Dope (Lectroluv) 12
HERVÉ - No Sleep (Cheap Thrills) 12
KEBACID - Jack The Potato (Turbo) 12
DADA LIFE - Serve You Cookies With A Smile (Big And Dirty) 12

Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

Funky Gothic

I love Designer Drugs. They've created one of my favorite Noughties Horror House tracks "Zombies" and now they go graverobbing U.S.A. (accordings to Wednesday 13). However, "Drop Down" is their latest video and this is what I call Funky Gothic!