Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

I'd Like To Go Back To The Classics

The past weeks I've been copying old Mixes from Tape or Mini Disc to my harddrive. Lot's of fun stuff and many re-discoverings of cool tracks from the vaults of my record collection.
I will post some of the best or most interesting mixes on my Soundcloud profile during this year, starting with a eclectic mix from 2003, the typical sound we used to play at our "Neue Mitte" parties in Cologne back in those days. Dig in:


Lemon D - Generation X
Electronicat - Gitarkatze
Missy Elliot vs. The Who - Anal Spankers #1
G.D. Luxxe - Values
Dave Clarke - What Was Her Name (feat. Chicks On Speed)
Magas - This Is How We Do It
Blow Up - On The Prowl
The Twin - Sanitized
Hell - Keep On Waiting
Die Zwei - Randezvous Auf Straßenschienen
Parallax Corporation - Crocodiles In The Sky
Casco - Cybernetic Love
Si Begg - Noodles 5
Gema 4
Electric Kennedys - Gay Bar
Fat Truckers - Fix It
The Rocks - Everybody In The Place
Mediengruppe Telekommander - Telekommander
Whitey - The Awful Truth
Peaches - The Inch
Gater - Boobie Bounce
Fannypack - Camel Toe
JJ Fad - Supersonic
Nu Wave Hookers - Rock To The Beat

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