Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2022

I Hate the 20s!!!

Yes I do! I remember how many club owners and promoters fancied the 2020s to become as fabulous as the 1920s (what they weren't). It came different and every year it gets worse. Society is fucked up, freedom in danger and we're at the brink of a senseless war. I absolutely understand people getting stunned at the club. Nevertheless, that's why I got tired posting mixes or related stuff. Tough times. But anyway, I collected a few tunes from 2020-22 to channel my anger. Here you go:

Konkurs - Proteus
Norwell - Modell 244
Konkurs - Exit Wound
Alejandro Paz - Peaxcecock Tetra 4 - nsd Stmulant
Blush Response - Chiralium
Paul Prior - Wall Texture
Greencross - Decentralize
Andrey Sirotkin - Hot Palm Touch
Flechtheim - Neutrum
The DirtBirdz - Attack Formation (Stevie Wilson Remix)
Electrorities - Archive 011
Rotkeller - Skpp Skpp feat. B. Skupin
Droughtwerk - Araria
Fairground of Tears - Your Life Is a Lie
Housemeister - It's Not Over
John Bender - 33A1

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