Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

The Frostbitten Kingdom

Grim times require grim sounds. 2015 is kickin off dark with an even darker Bombcast in a Industrial/Techno vain. Listen and download here:


Shorai - Noxious Sounds
Adam X - Irreformable
Conrad van Orten - Captivity (Annuled User Remix)
Developer - In Pure Form
Knox - Red Line (Paula Temple Remix)
Exium - Nucleoid (Jonas Kopp Remix)
Jamie Cumock - Scavenger
Voigt & Voigt - Super
Jon Convex - Anger Level
Marriage Proposal - Tom Tom 2
Pure Genius Kang - Turtleneck X
Jackin With The Drums -Platinum Black
Slam - Alien Radio (Tony Thomas Mix)
Synthek Audiolouis - Spiral Path
Clouds - Don't Swet The Technique
Mr. Kitty - Better Off Alone

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