Dienstag, 9. November 2010

Symphonies Of Sickness

This month no funky, kicking, bass wobblin Mix from the BOMB BOUTIQUE lab. But some stuff to commit suicide or make love to. I digged some Industrial, Experimental, Drone etc. vinyls from my vaults, some classics plus new releases and created a thick and slow mix of strange music. Call it Illbient or just let it flow. Make sure you dim the lights or do a long nightdrive.

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Current 93 - The Breath And Pain Of God
Boris - ...And Hear Nothing
Psychic TV - Twisted
Coco Rosie - Undertaker
Neon Indian - Ephemeral Artery (Darby Cicci Remix)
Orphx - Shatter Self
La Vampire & Zola Jesus - Looking In
Oneohtrix Point Never & Antony - Returnal (Fenesz Remix)
Wolvserpent - Serpent On 45
Camera Obscura - Terrain Vague

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