Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

Rondo Fiebertanz - 13th February

Here comes your Valentine! I'm really happy that Jonas reanimnated his legendary Fiebertanz nighter at one of my favorite Clubs, Das Schiff in Basel, Switzerland. It was one of my favorite Noughties spots and I am looking forward taht Jonas brings Fiebertanz on the new decade's level. He does everything right with inviting SOMETHING A LA MODE from Paris. Their Disco Nuveaux track "Rondo Parisiano" on Yellow/Discograph isn't that special because of Karl Lagerfeld's appearance but tributing Rondo Veneziano. We will see how this works out on stage. Along with them I will hit some serious Electro shits with DJ FBRTNZ, DJ77 plus some others. If you are in Basel area, join our Valentine!

Westquaistr. 19, Basel, 22cet.

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