Mittwoch, 23. September 2009

With these hands I've crushed the dreams of every man...

Jesus, I pretty much like Michael J. Sheehy, not even since Dream City Film Club, but most since his release "Ghost On The Motorway". If you like it deep, spritual, raw and dirty, you will dig him! His recent release "With These Hands" on Glitterhouse Records, proves himself again to be an amazing story teller, composer and vocalist. It's an album about boxer Francis Delaney, a tragic figure struggeling with promoters, boxers, hookers, gangsters in a raw Blues meets Gospel and Country from hell outfit.
No question, Michael J. Sheehy is a great live act too and currently tours with his band, The Hired Mourners. You should definetly catch him at your local pit for some exercise!

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