Sonntag, 30. August 2009

A bloody Romborama

No question, the Bloody Beetroots is a duo that was a constant trouble maker the past two years in the Bomb Boutique sets. No matter if it was their shreds of popular pop derivates or banging electro fidgetries that flooded the blog sphere for months, the Beetroots made their way.
As a testament of this period, they spit out a rumblin double vinyl, Romborama, that comes radical and consequent as we expected it. 20, I say 20! tracks - and don't tell me the vinyl suffers from a lack of sound quality with this amount of tracks; you fuckers listen to MP3s, so what?
Surely you'll find some mediocre moments here, but I love the Bloody Beetroots signature sound that marks the late 2000's clearly. Bobby Rifo (who's credited as the album's producer) and Tommy Tea's production skills keep this album interesting and open for more than their rave signals. Featured guest appearances by The Cool Kids, Steve Aoki, Justin Pearson (The Locust, Head Wound City), Vicarious Bliss are a plus, amazing artwork by Tanino Liberatore on top. Available from our friends at Dim Mak.

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