Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2009

Ciao Bello!

These days it feels a bit like 2003. Album releases from a lot of veterans like DJ HELL, FISCHERSPOONER, PEACHES, LAURENT GARNIER, MISS KITTIN & THE HACKER and TIGA see the light. And you know what? Most of them suck more or less. Apart from one - TIGA.
Compared to most of the above, I consider TIGA as a quality constant until today. Next to his label TURBO, that I almost bought every release the past years, TIGA delivers an album that I expected DJ HELL to sound like today. "Ciao!" is cold wave as The Hacker should sound like, glamourous as FISCHERSPOONER should sound like, crazy as LAURANT GARNIER should sound like and finally, it's damn funky with big Pop appeal! TIGA has skills and deserves the privilege to be one of the best electronic acts worldwide. I agree!