Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Death In June

Well, it's not June yet, but this months Bombcast comes some days earlier. Some Synth Disco madness - get it here!


Trust - Shoom

Portishead - Machine Gun

Jokers Of The Scene - In Order To Trance (Hrdvision Rmx)

Fockewulf 190 - Body Heat

Foto - No Protection (Foto's Journey Into Light Remix)

Oliver - Walk With Me

Proper Heat - Just A Little Bit

Bottin - Auricola Judae

DMX Krew - Disco Theme

Drrtyhaze - Giving All My Love

Aclatraz - Tema De Alcatraz (La Version De Rodion)

Rogue Cat - Magic Journey

Wolfram feat. Paul Parker - Out Of Control (Daniel Wang Rmx)

Space - Magic Fly

Duran Duran - Wild Boys (Mustang Edit)

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