Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

Worshipping Satan Through Disco

Strange headline? Nah, you peeps know me. I was inspired by a party we're planning against the Pope's visit in Berlin late September. And as music like Disco carries a hedonistic message, it must be the devil's work, if I take those Christians serious. Anyway, I wanted to record a bangin' Electro Bombcast as there are a bunch of DJ Gigs comin' up, where I'll play some heavy Rave shit. But I was in the mood for Disco and goin' through some old and new releases.... well ... and I pushed the record button. Enjoy!

Klick the Soundcloud Link to listen or download:

Emilia - Satan In Love
Aeroplane - We Can Fly
Eli's Second Coming - The Love Chant (JSki Extended)
Escort - Cocaine Blues
Homework - Lenny
Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around (Deep & Disco Version)
Breakbot - Shades Of Black
Avicii - Sweet Dreams (Avicii Sweeter Dreams Rmx)
Solila - Till Te Light Comes
Beatfanatic - Wintertide (Rave Charles & Funky Junkie Rmx)
Rubix - Tobacco Man
Colin Hart - Motion Potion
The Knocks - Dancing With The DJ
Disco Elements - Give It To Me
D.I.M. & Tai - Glass
Tame Impala - Why Won't Wake Up Your mind (Erol Alkan Rework)

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