Freitag, 22. Januar 2010

We Are Only Riders, oh yes, we are!

Oh, how I love(d) The Gun Club. And I don't mean their cool but annoying Goth Wave Club standart Sex Beat, but the beauty of albums like Miami or Las Vegas Story. Especially the melancholic, shivering voice of Jeffrey Lee Pierce took my attention and it was a great loss when Pierce passed away in 1996. The Gun Club always moved in between bands like The Bad Seeds, Crime & The City Solution or The Cramps, quite uncomfortable, as their swampy, bluesy sound was quite early for that what's called Americana today.
Back in the days, Cypress Grove demoed a couple of songs with Jeffrey Lee Pierce what possibly are the last works he participated. Re-interpreted by fellas like Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch, Debbie Harry, The Raveonettes, The Sadies, David Eugene Edwards or Mark Lenegan, these songs form a vibrating Compilation of Swamp Blues, Gloomy Country and Dark Rock. A great introduction, optically enhanced with photos from the recording sessions, to the songs of Jeffrey Lee Pierce, released on Vinyl and CD via Glitterhouse Records.

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