Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2008

Hotel Shanghai - Celebrating Five Years Of Madness

This is it, my friends. Hotel Shanghai in Essen is definetly the club of this decade, if you speak for the West Germany region. I can't remember any wilder parties, crazier people, insane djs and bands happening in any German city apart from Berlin. And I find it more significant, that Hotel Shanghai is not located in a hipster city like Cologne. Where the Colgone club scene is stone dead now, Hotel Shanghai took place 75 Kilometers away, 5 years ago in Essen, heart of the Ruhr Area, or Ruhrpott how locals say and European Culture Captial 2010. A place for art, music, weirdos who want do D.A.N.C.E...
We had absolutely classic times at Hotel Shanghai with numerous cranky parties like Botox Disaster, Vendredi Grotesque, Gasmask or Gift. Club owner Kay Shanghai was always open-minded and crzy enough to carry our ideas. We regulary emptied the club when Kim Peers played experimental Art Pop instead of Gigolo Beats, Team Plastique flooded the club with champagne, Houston Bernard messed up all H&M shirts with milk and cream, Johnny Slut disappointed all Batcave Gothics, Peaches played cheap Glamrock, Mignon spitted blood, Amanda Le Pore made the people wanting their money back for only singing two songs (playback), Snax jumped ontop of the Unisex haircuts, Adriano Canzian missed the plane, Digitalism pretended to be famous (what the later became), Quasimodo Jones on heroine made the Jugo-Mafia club owner want to shoot him, Dirty Princess went completely kinky (and naked), Rummelsnuff let his muscles play, The Hacker, Terrence Fixmer, Carretta and Spetznaz regularely pulled a die-hard EBM pogo-mob, and so and on.
I can go on with countless stories, incedents and accidents. Those who've been there with us will never forget...

Now it's time to celebrate this dirty little place with, what any international and national DJ will agree, the best soundsystem in the universe. 5 years of madness!
Join us with a classic Hotel Shanghai line-up:

plus more....

Saturday 13.12. at Hotel Shanghai, Steeler Str. 33, Essen City, 23cet

, will never forget this

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