Montag, 7. Juni 2010

I hear a Sonar signal

Summer is here, peeps. Yes. After 9 months of darkness in Berlin! Fantastic. And, I will be at SONAR in Barcelona after four years again. The official program is, as in the past, not really interesting, but there's lots of cool off-Sonar events goin on. Let's see if anything changed after I was really fed up with Sonar after lots of fuck ups, bad organisation and so on. maybe it's time for a Sonar revival as it is with Dance music in general.
Anyway, new month, new music. And there's a lot of fresh stuff comin out. Here's what's currently on the Bomb Boutique decks, in no particular order:

JUNE 2010

PAUL CHAMBERS - Yeah, Techno! (Phantasy) 12
DANTON EEPROM - Thanx For Nothing ETIENNE JAUMET Rmx (InFine) 12
BUTCH - Tease Me (Cecille) 12
AUTODIDAKT feat. SUPER SUPER - Here We Go DISTRAKT Rmx (Traktor) 12
D.A.M.B. - Daylight (White) DL
THE SUBS - Bang Bang Bang (Lectroluv) 12
TINASHE - Zambezi MJ COLE Rmx (mango) 12
MOULLINEX - Superman LORENZ RHODE Rmx (Gomma) 12
KRADDY - Android Porn SI-BEGG Rmx (Equinox) 10
GTRONIC - Cameltoe (Lectroluv) 12
BOYS NOIZE - Kontact Me RYNECOLOGIST Turbine Rmx (Boys Noize) 12
RODION - D.I.S.C.O. Rewind feat. Hugo Sanchez (Gomma) 12
MICKEY MOONLIGHT - Love Pattern ISOLEÉ RMX (Ed Banger) 12
FATBOY SLIM vs. HERVÉ - Machines Can Do The Work ACTION MAN ACID FLASH MIX (Skint) 12

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