Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009

Deathstars 2009

Sounds a bit weird - Ian Loveday, Michael Jackson, Sky Saxon.... some musical geniuses have left the venue in a quite close row. So, who's next? I don't want to think about it. Instead, I'll play some music.
The BOMB BOUTIQUE June Hot Shits are a bit more relaxed than bangin' due to the temperatures. But I think they will make you sweat though....

in no particular order:

RAFFERTY - Wobble Horror (Planet Mu) 12
ZOMBIE NATION - Shottieville PROXY Rmx (Turbo) 12
SPENCER PRODUCT - We Bite (Coco Machete) 12
BAG RAIDERS - Turbo Love LIGHT YEAR Rmx (Banggang) 12
ARNAUD REBOTINI - Pelican (Dimmer) 12
AUTOKRATZ - Swastika Eyes (Kitsuné) 12
BIRDY NAM NAM - Parachute Ending VITALIC Rmx (Major) 12
ALEXANDER ROBOTNIK - Obsession HEAVY FEET Rmx (This Is Music) 12
PHOENIX - Lisztomania HOLY GHOST Rmx (Kitsuné) 12
BOYS NOIZE - Starter (Boys Noize) 12
JAKES - Rock Tha Bells (Hench) 12
LOOSE SHUS - Threesome (Plant Music) 12
LONE - Fly Fire Rainbow (Dealmaker) 12
THE GLIMMERS - Wanna Make Out (Diskimo) 12
HEAVY FEET - Nobody's Feet (Passenger) 12
HORSE MEAT DISCO - Hold On (Horse Meat) 12
THE PHARCYDE - Soul Flower GUTTER Rmx (Delicious Vinyl) 12
JAMES PANTS - Cosmic Rapp EGYPTIAN LOVER Rmx (Stones Throw) 12
RACK N RUIN - Audio Porn (Future Perfect) 12