Sonntag, 4. September 2016

All Is Lost

Dystopian times require dystopian music. Here's another dark Mix from The Bomb Boutique HQ. Listen and download from Soundcloud as long as it is online. Mixcloud alternative is here.

Shit Japens - Fifty Years
Monolith - Time
Josh Wink - Shoelaces (Monojunk Remix)
Factory Floor - 25 25
Djedjotronic - System
Stephane 1993 - Somebody
Jensen Interceptor - XL
KVD - Dark Matter
DJ ESP - Slo Mo
Kit Clayton - Deadlock (Pole Remaster)
Sano - Boqueron
Mataism - Mä 11
_Unsubscribe_ - The Middler
The Horrorist - Hard Step Future Force

Sonntag, 24. April 2016


As spring awakes in all it's beauty, we come back with a dark and gnarly Bombcast for your pleasure.
Listen and download here:

Kill Memory Crash - The O
Donor - Us for Them (Sleeparchive Remix)
Flug - XLR (DJ Emerson Remix)
Sisters City - Confirm Condition
Hasso Vogel - Radar FS
Max Jahn - Recativate (Alex Bau Remix)
Thomas Delecroix - Sliders
Genarro Mastrantonio & Billy Johnston - Sword Lead
KVD - Dark Matter
Hypnotizer - Normality Is Insanity
Monolith - Contruct
Zeigenbock Kopf - Sex with a Man

Click here for Mixcloud link.

Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2016


New year, same shit. I have the feeling this world is going more insane every day. According to this, I still refuse to post any uplifting music until things change at least a bit. The first Bombcast of 2016 is as grim and dark as the previous ones. Listen and download it here:


Lokatt - March
Jonra & Emachinery - Mr Ivar
Hoshina Anniversary - Motion Emotion D.I.C.E.
Uchuu Saru - Nobody
Tiga - Don't Break My Heart (Dub)
Edgework - Ravine Pt. 1
Drumcomplex - Junglism
Nauruan Stranger - Underborn
Orfeo - Prismatic
Yuuki Sakai - Ran Tan (A. Mochi Remix)
Johannes Heil - Scene Three
Frankyeffe - Crazy Man
Mauro Picotto - Time to Wake Up (Mauro Vox)
Martyn Hare - When the Fun Runs Out

Sonntag, 15. November 2015

November Pain

Another month reminding us that there's a parallel world to so called civilization. Bloodshed and death toll all over and where you didn't expect it. More fuel to the fire of regression. Dark times, but we keep on dancing...

Laibach - Industrial Ambients 1
Jagdstaffel 66 - Nur für die F-104
Static Starlight - Trama
Garry Todd - Motives And Thoughts
Madame - Glory
KMRT - Warehouse Acid Funk
Edgework - B27
Hostage - Klar?
Dirty Basscore - 0815
Sleeparchive - Sleep Cycle Three
Victor Martinez - Foucault's Pendulum (Rraph Rmx)
Nauruan Stranger - You (BuRu Rmx)
Perc - Gruel
Ivlap - Bleaching Agent
You've Got Foetus On Your Breath - Wash

Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

All Hallow's Eve 2015

Halloween Madness 2015 - as usual, absolutely no sophisticated tracks but lots of blood, mad scientists, werewolves, witches etc. etc.
Raw Fear - X
Belzebass - Dry Forest
Rayko - Friday 13th
Shadow Dancer - Manhunter
Nelue - Big Bad Wolf
Figure - Blood Thirst
Rob Zombie - Burn (Bloody Beetroots MF remix)
Hostage - Witches
Ghost Dance - Ghost Dance (Aucan Remix)
APlusD - Psycho Killer
Albyn Myers - Halloween
Docteur Satan - 666
The Horrorist - Flesh is the Fever
Light Asylum - Dark Alleys

Dienstag, 4. August 2015

The Emperor's New Clothes

Another dark and edgy Bombcast has been unleashed. Catch it on Soundcloud or Mixcloud. Contains:

Thinkkfreak - Forte (XNX Remix)
Energun - Resolution (MTD Remix)
JC Laurent - Hoax
Ugandan Methods - Call 3
Civilian - One 24
Tainted Train - 8c
Niereich - Sq#5 Reflections
Bedlam - Bumerang
Ghost Dance - Silence
Limo - Darkdubtek
Dodi Palese - Coma Berenices
Clay Wilson - Skandha
MIR - Eshelonka
Richard Davies - Tuesday (Danza Macabra Remix)

Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

Europe Is Falling Apart

Been a while since I posted the last Bombcast. Since I've been quite busy the past months, I've finally found the time mix at least a few recent tunes together, Dark, industrialized and banging. Listen and download below.


KMRT & Static Starlight - Candance (Descender Remix)
DMX Krew - Up N Down
Boys Noize - Brain Frequence
British Murder Boys - All The Saints Have Been Hung
Uncto -Judas Cradle (Orphx Remix)
Phase Fatale - Rot
Fade II Black - In Sync (Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio Rmx)
Aggborough - Mitzpe Ramon
Hannu Ikola - Mystery Object
YosoYYo - Palmitate
Sleeparchive - And In His Eyes I Saw Death
Oscar Mulero - Stimulated Reflex
Egyptrixx - Discipline 82
Terence Fixmer - Beyond
Laibach - Eurovision (Marcel Dettmann Remix)